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London Air Services

London Air Services is a fast, convenient and efficient charter airline for busy people who want to travel from Vancouver to anywhere in the world 

“We manufacture time for busy people,” says Wynne Powell, president and CEO of London Air Services, a Vancouver-based charter air service that flies business executives and leisure travelers to any destination in the world. “Wherever you need to go, we’ll get you there. London Air is like having your own private office with wings,” he adds.

Founded in 1999, and owned by H.Y. Louie Co. Ltd., London Air is for organizations that want the benefits of a corporate fleet without the expense of owning and maintaining one.

“CFO’s love our service,” says Powell.

One of the largest charter air services in British Columbia, London Air is fast, efficient and convenient.

“Book when it’s most convenient for you,” says Powell. “We fly when you want to fly. And board as soon as you arrive. No waits, no lineups and no hassles. We take care of all the details of travel, so you can take care of business.”

London Air enables its passengers to stay productive, with plenty of workspace, audiovisual capability and air-to-ground connectivity.

“Air in the cabin is exchanged continuously throughout your flight, so you arrive fresh and alert at your destination,” explains Powell.
And unlike regularly scheduled commercial airlines, London Air gives passengers easy, restriction-free access to their baggage throughout their flight.

“We also arrange customs clearance and ground transportation,” Powell adds. “So when you arrive at your destination, whether it’s New York, Hong Kong or a  resource development site in northern B.C., you can hit the ground running.”

Operating from its base at Vancouver International Airport, London Air has a large and diverse fleet of aircraft. Its 15-seat AW139 helicopters are the perfect solution for travelling to remote areas of British Columbia. For longer flights, the company has three Challenger 605 and five Learjet 75 aircraft.