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Pricing and Service Backed by Decades of Experience

BCBusiness + C&D Logistics Time is money: the old cliché rings true today more than ever, with regard to the conveyance of goods.


BCBusiness + C&D Logistics

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C&D Logistics offers sound advice, certified professionals to assist with shipping needs

Time is money: the old cliché rings true today more than ever, with regard to the conveyance of goods. But given the increasing volume of goods being moved worldwide—plus newcomers to the transportation trade who falsely claim to be professionals—more time and money is frequently being spent than should be the case.

Dana Matheson, co-founder of C&D Logistics Ltd., calls it “the phenomenon of brokers literally operating out of their bedrooms. There’s nothing wrong with starting out in this industry as a home-based business because that’s how C&D began. But when this is not informed by experience, an extensive support network, and all the proper bonding and certification, that business will likely never grow, let alone master the trade, and therefore clients are at risk.”

Matheson grew up in the industry. His father, Bruce, was a transportation logistics specialist and when the duo launched C&D in 1999, they were well prepared to excel in their initial focus of moving LTL (less than load) and full-load freight by rail and road. 

“Then, as is the case now, we also provided clients with low, grandfathered pricing, thanks to the connections with carriers we had developed over the decades,” says Matheson, whose father retired in 2005.

Today, C&D specializes in the movement of all types of freight on all types of equipment throughout North America and abroad. It represents a combination of large multi-national carriers and small transport companies that meet all government regulations, have sound safety records, and maintain a fleet of a minimum of 10 trucks.

To co-ordinate this transportation pool most effectively, C&D’s Langley, B.C., headquarters includes fully staffed departments such as logistics, international freight, special projects, and much more. 

“We’re overstaffed on purpose, to ensure proper customer service,” says Matheson. 

“Plus, because we have specialists in different modes of transport, we’re very proactive in settling issues in real time.”

As more local businesses rely on international trade to succeed, C&D is also on hand to mitigate one of the largest expenses any company has to deal with: global supply-chain management. 

“Having C&D Logistics as an extension of your business gives you access to a trained, certified Freight Forwarder with the resources to move your goods anywhere in the world,” says Matheson.

But transportation isn’t the only thing that occupies the attention of C&D staff: capping all of their activities is a commitment to social responsibility. Via C&D Cares, Matheson and his colleagues support local charities and donate 10 per cent of their net profit to the community. 

“It’s the people behind the businesses we serve who made us a success, and we’re honoured to give back in return,” he says. 

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