WestJet Launches New Fort McMurray Services

WestJet Flights to Fort McMurray | BCBusiness
Fort McMurray is now connected to Vancouver, Kelowna and Calgary with direct flights with WestJet.

WestJet creates a new direct link to northern Alberta with daily flights

WestJet announced today two new non-stop flights to B.C. on its Encore service, using its Canadian-made Bombardier Q400 NextGen aircraft. Daily service will now be offered between Kelowna and Fort McMurray, and between Vancouver and Fort McMurray. It will also now offer additional direct flights between Calgary and Fort McMurray.

“These new services represent unprecedented opportunities for our guests to access Fort McMurray and the energy sector that is so integral to the local, provincial and national economy,” said John Weatherill, WestJet’s director of network and schedule planning, in a release. “It will now be less expensive and faster than ever before for workers to commute from the Okanagan Valley, Vancouver, Calgary and beyond. For example, business travellers will now be able to fly between Calgary and Fort McMurray and return the same day, making WestJet an even more attractive option for those travelling for work.”

Weatherill expects the new flights to Kelowna to be a boon for tourism in the Okanagan Valley. “We know the connection for commuters is a strong one,” he said, “but this new service will also benefit tourism in the valley. We hope to see residents of Northern Alberta take advantage of the many beautiful attractions and vacation opportunities throughout the Okanagan.”

Details of new daily non-stop service between Kelowna and Fort McMurray:
Route                                Frequency    Departing       Arriving          Effective
Kelowna-Fort McMurray       Daily          7:30 a.m.    10:28 a.m.    May 12, 2014
Fort McMurray-Kelowna       Daily         10:30 p.m.   11:37 p.m.    May 12, 2014

Details of new daily non-stop service between Vancouver and Fort McMurray:
Route                                    Frequency    Departing      Arriving             Effective
Vancouver-Fort McMurray        Daily           1:40 p.m.      5:09 p.m.      May 12, 2014
Fort McMurray-Vancouver        Daily           11:00 a.m.   12:36 p.m.    May 12, 2014

Details of new additional non-stop service between Calgary and Fort McMurray:
Route                               Frequency    Departing     Arriving           Effective
Calgary-Fort McMurray       Daily            8:20 p.m.    9:43 p.m.    May 12, 2014
Fort McMurray-Calgary       Daily            6 p.m.         7:43 p.m.    May 12, 2014