YVR ranked 10th best airport in the world

Plus, Syrian refugees could boost B.C. economies and Telus happy with customer complaints

Tops with travelers
Vancouver’s YVR Airport ranked 10th right behind Zurich, when 128,000 Condé Nast Traveler readers picked the top ten international airports outside the U.S. Singapore topped the list, with Dubai, Hong Kong and Tel Aviv close behind. The Vancouver terminal’s highest marks were for the fast and cheap access to the airport via the Canada Line (less than half an hour from city centre to terminal for under $10). The survey also notes that YVR is known for multiple routes across the Pacific to Asia, as well as polar routes to Europe, which make it popular amongst American travellers. “Construction of the original airport in 1930 was partially inspired by Charles Lindbergh, who famously said the city was unfit for landing. He’d be surprised to know that 19.4 million flyers now think otherwise,” according to their story.

Economic impact
The Syrian refugees arriving in B.C. in the next few months could bring as much $563 million to local economies over the next two decades, according a new report released today by Vancity credit union. Researchers, including SFU economists, found that immigrants help grow local economies by purchasing goods and services, and by starting businessesthey are 30 per cent more likely than non-immigrants. In Halifax, the report says, the Lebanese community is estimated to have created about 3.6 local jobs for each immigrant. In terms of which economies may benefit, among the 1,924 government-assisted refugees who settled in Metro Vancouver between 2010 and 2012, 65 settled either in Surrey, Coquitlam or Burnaby.

Loud and clear
Fewer customers complained about Telus than the country’s other telcos, according to the annual report from the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS). And Telus is touting the numbers as a sign that its strategy to differentiate itself on customer service from Rogers and Bell, is paying off. In the last year alone, Telus saw a 29 per cent reduction in customer complaints. Since 2011, complaints about TELUS have decreased by 66 per cent as the company continues to refine its approach to customer service.