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Dec 1, 2010
A Bumpy Ride for Segway CEO
Steve Burgess

As the fatal accident involving Segway’s CEO proves, there are untimely deaths – and very untimely deaths. Water-cooler buzz – it’s what every brand wants. It’s what PR flacks are hired to create. Everyone wants a strategy to get people talking about their product.

Nov 3, 2010
Taxi Drivers: Vancouver's Road Warriors
Kevin Chong

Taxi drivers are the 
stock characters – the 
crazies, the confidants – 
of countless movies and 
TV shows. Sometimes, most notably in the 1976 eponymous film by Martin Scorsese, they even get 
a starring role. Almost 
never is a cabbie’s day 
boring – and never has 
their work environment been more challenging 
than it is today.

Nov 3, 2010
Bike Lanes and Downtown Vancouver
Christopher Pollon

Jerry Dobrovolny has a message for the irate business owners protesting Vancouver’s latest bike lane plan for Hornby Street: welcome to the future. As the city’s director of transportation, Dobrovolny spends a lot of time thinking about how people get...

Oct 14, 2010
The Potash Corp. Lesson: Fertilizing China's Economy
Tony Wanless

Let's talk about fertilizer! Okay, you have to admit you don't hear that too often in business. Presuming we mean real, factory-made fertilizer, and not the ...umm... organic kind that many of us reference constantly, usually beginning with the word "bull." Specifically, I think we should talk about potash, the building block...

Aug 23, 2010
Crafty DIY Lessons for Entrepreneurs
Lauren Bacon

When was the last time you hit a craft fair? If you're not an aficionado of things made painstakingly by hand, it may have been a while. But I'd wager that most of us are aware, in one way or...

May 5, 2010
Toyota Recall Misses B.C.
Steve Burgess

While Toyota's troubles continue to roil south of the border, all is calm in Beautiful B.C. I can’t wait for Arnold Schwarzenegger to finish his term as California governor and get back to movie­making. Think of the quips we’ve been missing. Somewhere in some Hollywood studio office, this script must be waiting for him: “Listen aws-hole, vere did you hide the bomb?” “I don’t recall.”

Jan 28, 2010
Games Transportation
Ian Bickis

Traffic Pattern Changed Olympic spectators may find themselves in a competition of their own once the games start: getting to the venues. With road closures, parking restrictions and about 150,000 more people using transit, it's not going to be easy The Olympic Line A modern take on an old classic, the Olympic Line...

Dec 3, 2009
Canstar Restorations
Peter Mitham

Growth topping 10 per cent a year has propelled Canstar to annual revenues in excess of $20 million, while the number of employees has grown from just 25 in 2000 to 160 today. Number of employees: 160 Head office: Port Coquitlam Quote: “This company knows the value of good employees and welcomes each employee as part of our continuous growth as a team”

Dec 3, 2009
Kryton International
Marlene MacIsaac

“As immigrants, we need to feel we belong. I worked at five companies before Kryton, but it was only here I felt I truly belonged.” Number of employees: 43 Head office: Vancouver Quote: “As immigrants, we need to feel we belong. I worked at five companies before Kryton, but it was only here I felt I truly belonged”

Dec 3, 2009
Great Little Box Company Ltd.
Marlene MacIsaac

“If it is important to the employees, it is important to the Great Little Box Company,” reports one survey respondent. Number of employees: 202 Head office: Richmond Quote: “When a long-term employee had terminal cancer, the company bought her a DVD player and DVDs, sent home baking, and paid for her to take taxis to come to the company for visits”

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