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Oct 9, 2009
Spare the Change
Steve Burgess

Archie comics, espresso beans and low-fat yogurt: when to leave well enough alone. Standing in line at Safeway one day, I was gazing idly at the cover of an Archie comic – one of the new ones, with the redesigned characters...

Oct 7, 2009
The New Age of Marketing
David Allison

What keeps me awake at night? The answer – at least the one I’m willing to commit to a blog post – is below. It’s in an interview I did to help promote the Canadian Resort Investment Conference (at which I...

Oct 5, 2009
Blogs Are Dead, So Start Yours Today
Tommy Humphreys

A corporate blog is the easiest way to add value and visibility to your site. As blogs emerged, websites were said to be on their way to the gallows, and as social media emerged, the blog was thought to be next in line. Jason Calacanis, who made millions from his Weblogs network, retired his own blog last July. In his final post, he wrote his epitaph to the medium: "Blogging is too big, too impersonal, and lacks the intimacy that drew...

Oct 1, 2009
Turning You into a Better Web Competitor
Tommy Humphreys

I am 23 and I can help you. In the likely case you’ve never heard of me, I'm Tommy Humpheys. I own and operate PACWEBCO, a web design and marketing agency here in Vancouver. The first place today's customers go for answers, products, and services is the Internet. Our company creates content, designs and online campaigns to connect our clients with those consumers – more often, and more effectively.

Sep 30, 2009
Be the Media: Social Media Branding
David Allison

Your company too small for a media presence? Learn how to use social media branding and become the magazine. I was in a boardroom this week, talking to a client about creating online content to support their brand promise, when this...

Sep 23, 2009
Tips for Using Twitter as a Branding Tool
David Allison

Never dared to swim in the social media pool? Twitter is a good place to dip your toe in the water. I’m on record already as being impatient for everyone to stop whining about social media and just deal with it. So I thought I’d write a more conciliatory and helpful post about one social medium that I’ve found especially useful. It’s a good place to dip your toe in the water, if you haven’t already jumped into the swimming pool.  ...

Sep 15, 2009
Information Is the Thing
David Allison

How can you get your information into the hands of potential customers? Think like a journalist. I’m running from meeting to meeting these days, talking about how the new consumer wants information, and plenty of it. In order to feel secure...

Sep 14, 2009
The CPP Buys a Controlling Interest in Skype
Tony Wanless

The Canada Pension Plan – the people who reward you with a monthly stipend after a life of hard work – has joined a bunch of venture capital firms to buy a 65% stake in Skype. CPP’s contribution to the...

Sep 2, 2009
The Tidal (Air)waves of Shore 104
J Bucher

Shore 104 FM is banking on breaking the Vancouver radio template. These are curious days in Vancouver radio. Audience numbers are down, but ad revenues are up. And while radio listeners are listening less, big players like Virgin (at FM 95.3) made 2009 the year they moved onto the scene. One newcomer with high hopes is Shore 104, an entry tailored to fill what its owners perceive as a hole in Vancouver’s roots, rock and rhythm offering.

Sep 2, 2009
Olympic Secrets Revealed
David Allison

David Allison is on a mission to find out what Olympic sponsorship can do for a brand. Writing about marketing and branding, as I do, doesn’t often require aliases and meetings in shadowy corners of out-of-the-way gin joints. But this interview...

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