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Mar 5, 2009
Tough Times Breed Creativity
Tony Wanless

After all, their product or service is so good it doesn't really need to be marketed. (He says sarcastically, since, astonishingly, he has actually heard versions of this several times). But the truth for all companies is that if you build it, they probably won’t come because they won’t know you...

Mar 3, 2009
Can We Stop Giving It Away
Tony Wanless

In the US, more than 6 large dailies are shuttering, in bankruptcy or close to it. Dozens of others are trying to figure out how to avoid their fate. Yes, times are uber bad in the content industry. We’ve talked before about how most publishing companies are, as one wag put it...

Mar 1, 2009
"V" for Vitamin - and Victory
Steven Schelling

The current economic climate may have us tightening our belts before long, but, no matter the privations of a recession or full-scale depression, for some the question will always be, Which belt do I tighten, and does it go with my outfit? Last December, while news of Tribune Co.’s bankruptcy protection...

Mar 1, 2009
And on the Third Day
Alison McLaughlin

The numbers don’t lie; Vancouver has never been much of a radio town. Since 1991, on average, listenership has been down about half an hour per person per year, with the average Vancouverite tuning in for roughly 12 hours a week. With the rising popularity of file sharing, satellite radio...

Feb 9, 2009
Content with the Knowledge Factory
Tony Wanless

The digital media industry, which has been expanding on the back of the video games sector is now wobbling after a string of layoffs and closures. So it’s asking for a tax break from the provincial government. Does the word “bailout” come to mind? I use the word purposely because...

Feb 2, 2009
Spam: Message in a Can
Steve Burgess

One morning last fall, I was checking my email. Not just any morning – it was the morning after the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States. There, in my inbox, a timely message: “Support Obama, buying from us.” Exactly how my forthcoming purchase would benefit the new...

Jan 26, 2009
The Illusion of Inclusion
Tony Wanless

It seems the new Obama government in the US is using social networking to include the American people in governing. In that it’s jumping on a wagon that’s becoming crowded by businesses desperate to hold “real” conversations with their customers. Unfortunately, as is too common today, it’s a nice idea...

Jan 16, 2009
The Viral Path Less Travelled
Tony Wanless

In December, the Vancouver interactive marketing agency smashLAB got hits in the press press and a few in the minor press for its social networking site,, in which people can list 5 things they’re passionate about as a way to start conversations. Both the Washington Post and the San...

Jan 12, 2009
Social Media is So 2008
Tony Wanless

At the beginning of a year, most of us reflect on the previous one in an attempt to divine some kind of image of the future. Sometimes, if the path is well defined, it results in a simple tweak. Sometimes it involves a wholesale scrubbing and drubbing that results in...

Jan 2, 2009
Future Shop Beats Christmas Rush With Social Media
Tony Wanless

In an era when there are more jobs than people to fill them, today’s employers devise many techniques to woo workers. This is especially true for retailers, which have been scrambling for some time to find not only qualified workers, but any workers at all. When Burnaby-based Future Shop Ltd.

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