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Mar 27, 2013
How To Get Them Panting Over Pants

Lululemon’s recent Great Pants Disaster was a brilliant example of guerilla marketing that more than worked. I was going to write this column about the great Lululemon crisis, but then wondered, really, how much can you say about pants? Apparently, quite a bit. Have pants ever had so much publicity? Newspapers...

Mar 19, 2013
Chinese On Signs. Lighten Up

The complaints about Chinese-only signs in Richmond will fade as the Chinese shop owners compete for customers. My home turf is the East Side of Vancouver, whose main street is Kingsway, a veritable riot of languages that is reflected by the signs on all the shops and restaurants that line the...

Mar 14, 2013
From Paper To Fabric

Fortress Paper has sold off its cash-rich wallpaper division to finance its movement into cellulose fabrics. What is the always adventurous CEO Chad Wasilenkoff up to now? Fortress Paper, which began as a specialty maker of banknotes and security papers, has put in the final piece of its business model innovation...

Mar 7, 2013
Geoffrey Ballard's Dream Lives On

Ballard Power Systems, which began developing fuel cells as alternative energy for automobiles but moved into other areas, is at it again under a new agreement. It’s heartening to see that Ballard Power Systems is back in the game of using its fuel cells in automobiles. Ballard announced this week that...

Mar 5, 2013
When A Neighbour Hurts, We Do Too

The Alberta economy is reeling but we in BC shouldn’t be secretly happy that the province is getting its comeuppance. When they hurt, we will too. I don’t want to seem gleeful, which would definitely be schadenfreude, but oil-rich Alberta’s self-described exalted place at the head of the Canadian economy...

Mar 1, 2013
New Pension Plan Will Help Microbusinesses

A a new pension plan for BC residents who don’t have one will help relieve fears of future poverty among BC’s large group of independent workers and small business employees. When the BC government announced yesterday that it was creating group pension plans for BC workers, there was some joy...

Feb 12, 2013
A Sliver Of Hope In The Energy Wars

There appears to be a tiny prospect of peace in the continuing war between fossil-fuel based industries (i.e. oil) and advocates of a greater role for cleantech in the energy industry. A recent report by the Alberta-based Pembina Institute called for a federal clean-energy plan to encourage growth of emerging...

Feb 7, 2013
Smaller May Be Better For Publishing

The recent bankruptcy filing by Vancouver’s D&M Publishing, best known for its Douglas & McIntyre imprint, last October was seen as another blow to a publishing industry in turmoil. A shift to e-books and the reading on tablets were seen as factors in the publisher’s downfall, as it has been for...

Feb 4, 2013
Credential Financial Ramps Up Services

In January, Credential Financial Inc., the national online brokerage and investment service for Canada’s credit unions, launched a self-clearing service to greatly expand the financial services it provides. The service includes all the mechanics of trading and processing – the...

Feb 1, 2013
Visit Vancouver App Wins International Award

The depth of creative talent in Vancouver was acknowledged in New York last week when Tourism Vancouver and creative agency SmashLAB took home an international award for digital marketing. Tourism Vancouver has scored many coups with its way-out-there marketing (bringing the Olympics to Vancouver—now that was a Big Idea!). Now it...

Feb 1, 2013
Reversing The Usual Sad Story

Almost every coffee conversation in Vancouver is about how there’s not enough work to go around for all the talent in Vancouver. It’s a West Coast cliche. We all know the situation: Great creative company starts up in BC, but there’s not enough business to sustain it. So it ends...

Jan 29, 2013
Forming Designs On Digital

Tourism Vancouver and creative agency smashLAB’s win of an international award for digital marketing shows the depth of this city’s creative talent. Local travel advocate Tourism has scored many a coup with its way-out-there marketing (bringing the Olympics to Vancouver --now that was a Big Idea?). Now, it’s scored another coup...

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