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Apr 25, 2019
Politics and Business: House of David

David Emerson said he wanted to inject some business savvy into Ottawa at a time when “the [partisan] lines are blurring.” He ended up crossing those lines. The House of David took a beating for the blunder. Is this a lesson for other business high flyers tempted to flex some political muscle?

Jun 1, 2007
Mark Marissen: On the mark

Good looking in a scrubbed, cheerful way, the youngish Marissen is half of a B.C. power couple – his wife, Christy Clark, is a former provincial cabinet minister, a federal Liberal and a political wiz. For his part, Marissen has...

Feb 1, 2006
On the Ledge: Jessica McDonald

What can be said about Jessica McDonald? Her rapid ascent, according to a consultant who has done time in government, was “like taking someone seen as a good but not spectacular player from the junior league and putting them on the all-star team… People were taken aback – really shocked.”

Jul 1, 2005
B.C. Tourism: The Great Leap Forward

With a great leap forward, In the next 10 years more than 400 million Chinese tourists will travel abroad, many for the first time. If Canada and B.C. tourism can attract even a fraction of them, we’ll double our number of overseas visitors.

Feb 1, 2005
Gordon Campbell: Countdown to a Decision

Forget the 30-second news clips and the pundits’ opinions. We wanted to hear first-hand what Gordon Campbell had to say about his government’s first four years, the coming election and the future for British Columbia. So on a grey winter morning, reporter Paul Willcocks sat down with Campbell in his seventh-floor Canada Place office to talk.

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