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Feb 3, 2010
David Martin's Gold

Lanyon Phillips had lost Telus. The Grizzlies, another client, went south. So did the agency’s pitch to the B.C. Milk Marketing Board – the single largest new advertising client in the B.C. market that year. It didn’t even get the Prairie Milk Marketing Board.

Jul 3, 2009
To Catch a Thief: Shoplifting in B.C.

Inside job or outside job. Five-dollar magazine or $5,000 suit. Merchandise is still flying off retail shelves – it’s just that now, in this tough new economy, fewer people are paying for it. Inside the $500-million (and growing) shoplifting problem. Retailers call it “shrinkage” and it doesn’t get much more dramatic than a Honda Prelude backing up at full speed through a plate glass storefront.

Mar 1, 2009
Crossing the Line

“It’s a labyrinth, a rabbit hole,” says John Wellwood, describing his efforts to illustrate the process of customs brokerage. Wellwood is designing a book about the import and export business called Business Without Borders: The Story of A&A Contract Customs...

Oct 9, 2008
Joseph Segal: The One That Got Away

How many times are you going to rewind that moment? What you said. What they said. What you could have said. Maybe if you could just talk it out with someone who would understand, someone else who has lost, and lost big time. Maybe the retailer who lost The Bay or...

Jun 1, 2008
Tough Love: The Bentalls and Philanthropy

Bob and Lynda Bentall spent 14 years and about $35 million on the Ailanthus Achievement Centre, a private educational centre for disadvantaged children in Vancouver’s east end before closing it down in 2004; it was, Lynda Bentall says, “pretty much...

Apr 1, 2008
Three B.C. Figures on the Worst Year of their Lives

Where do you turn after your doctor tells you you'll never walk again following a catastrophic accident? What happens when you lose the most terrific job you've ever had and nobody in town will hire you? What's next when your business is bleeding to death and everything you do to...

Feb 1, 2008
Guys and Dollars: Joe Calvano is the Dollar Giant

This is the implausible story of Joe Calvano, an unemployed 49-year-old who borrowed money to open a little dollar store in Burnaby in 2002, getting his wife to run the cash register. Five years later, Calvano has 55 Dollar Giant...

Dec 2, 2007
Carbon Offsetting: Pardon My Emissions

Thus, according to EcoNeutral’s online “carbon calculator,” I am personally responsible for the emission of 5.61 tons of carbon dioxide – which, as Al Gore is quick to tell us, is a polluting greenhouse gas that’s causing our global climate to change. My 5.61 tons is at the low end of...

Nov 1, 2007
Business Blunders: Heads Up

Ask Atari. This is the company that in the 1970s thought Pong was a bigger idea than the one Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were touting called Apple. For that matter, ask Apple about Newton. Ask PepsiCo about Crystal Pepsi...

Jul 2, 2006
White Rock Development: Paving Paradise

After White Rock's Official Community Plan, and its barring of any development of over nine storeys, expired, residents led by Jean Kromm fought the planned development of a 25 storey condo building till exhaustion with no avail. So why did they fail to prevent the paving of their paradise?

May 1, 2006
B.C.’s Funeral Wars: Stiff Competition

Picture the scene: a recent widow, her face lined with grief, comes to a funeral home to discuss how she will lay her beloved to rest. After an intimate discussion with the sympathetic funeral director, she is assured that her...

Apr 2, 2005
Learning from Our Mistakes: D'oh!

Rome fell after its citizens outsourced education and science to their slaves. Nazi Germany could have developed a war-winning atomic bomb if it hadn’t kicked out James Franck, Max Born and other world-class physicists from its universities because they were...

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