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Jul 1, 2014
Why buying local isn't an easy answer

One of the great enthusiasms for local agriculture is its promise to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with transporting food long distances from farm to plate. It’s a notion that Vancouver authors Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon popularized in 2007 with their best-selling book, The 100-Mile Diet. Certainly...

Jul 1, 2014
Vancouver's Urban Agriculture Entrepreneurs

It’s March. It’s raining. And 30-year-old Aaron Quesnel is powering down the Adanac bikeway on a one-speed that is, quite obviously, older than he is. On either side of his bike rack, he’s carrying monster panniers that are each big enough to hold the tower from a late-’90s personal computer...

Dec 31, 2012
Under New Management: Carol Mason, CAO, Metro Vancouver

No government agency is more important to the Lower Mainland’s quality of life than Metro Vancouver. So when Carol Mason took the reins of the unnervingly anonymous organization – the one that delegates millions in taxpayer dollars each year – it was more than an admin change. 
It was a changing of the guard.

May 2, 2011
Political climate: B.C. Green Party leader's former life as environmental scientist

How much rain is going to fall into BC Hydro’s Williston Reservoir, say, in 2065? Even Stephanie Smith, BC Hydro’s manager of hydrology and technology services, bridles at the question – and she has budgeted $300,000 in the next four...

Feb 7, 2011
Bill Tieleman the BC NDP Svengali?

It’s Saturday, Dec. 4, 2010
. Carole James is still the leader of the BC New Democrats; at least, she still thinks she is. But the revellers gathered at Vancouver’s St. Regis Hotel for what has come to be known as...

May 6, 2009
Who stands to benefit from the B.C. Carbon Tax?

Will the controversial carbon tax cost the Liberals – or kill the NDP? It was the smog in China. B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell says – with apparent conviction – that he never had an epiphany on climate change. There was no...

Sep 1, 2007
Ucluelet's Shifting Tides

Canada’s West Coast can be a remote and forbidding place, even for those of us who live in the neighbourhood. Yet this hasn't stopped the shifting tides in the development of Ucluelet, traditionally a small fishing town on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Jul 1, 2005
David Baines: The Most Hated Man in Business

David Baines is the most hated man by man of Vancouver's business community, and apparently the most feared, too, judging by the answers received when we contacted the investment community looking for a few insights into the ‘troublemaker’.

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