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Jun 9, 2010
Grow Your Business: Sell Your Company

Growing companies always need money to continue growing. But sometimes that hunt for cash takes an unexpected turn in the form of an offer to buy the company. When the Vancouver pay-parking-by-cellphone company Verrus Mobile Technologies Inc., which was the subject of a “Game Plan” in April 2008, went searching...

Oct 9, 2008
With The Right People: Serendipity Marketing

Client consultation is the key in complex markets. All businesses develop marketing plans that they hope will power them into a marketplace and establish themselves as the go-to provider of products or services. But when your customers are complex, the usual sales tactics aren’t enough. Instead, you need to rely...

Sep 15, 2008
Federal Politics: The Scandal Gap

Financial scandals are staples of politics in this country, which rarely sees a good old fashioned sex scandal of British proportions – the recent story about federal minister Maxime Bernier hooking up with a biker chick notwithstanding. Either we don't have much sex, or we don't really care what people do...

Sep 9, 2008
Sic Transit Gloria: Made-in-B.C. Opportunity

Few single- purpose vehicles to move people around. Just mass. If you want to get from here to there, you either walk, drive, take transit to someplace vaguely near where you want to go, or cab it. Similar situations exist in most communities. Take the second option, also the most common.

May 1, 2008
Up the Capital Ladder

The B.C. government has finally announced the launch of its BC Renaissance Capital Fund. The concept is that the government will seed—with $90 million over five years—a large slush fund to assist B.C. technology, clean-tech, life sciences and new media companies at critical points of their lives.

Feb 1, 2008
Performing a PESTEL on B.C.

A PESTEL is a planning tool smart companies use to survey the business landscape – a look at where things have gone and where they're going. Officially, it stands for a study of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal trends, but really it's a kind of free-form look at...

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