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Apr 4, 2011
Lunch with VAG Director Kathleen Bartels

It’s early February and Kathleen Bartels is raring to go. As she takes a seat at her table in the Wedgewood Hotel’s Bacchus restaurant – a short stroll from her Vancouver Art Gallery offices – the director’s excitement that City...

Sep 8, 2010
Vancouver PR Maven Mat Wilcox Calls it Quits

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube: 
it’s a whole new landscape for public-
relations professionals, and steering the 
message is increasingly hard. But is social 
media really to blame for the death of 
Wilcox PR, one of Vancouver’s top agencies?
 Mat Wilcox is a veritable poster child for social media.

Jul 7, 2010
Vancouver Interior Designers in Demand

With its growing popular appeal,
 interior design has become something that 
anyone and everyone thinks they can now do, 
at home or in the office. But take it from 
Vancouver’s pros: getting it right requires more than just “paint and pillows.” In
 the current zeitgeist, interior designers are the new rock stars. They have colour-swatched, clean-lined and pillow-fluffed their way through endless hours of home-decor television shows and achingly chic magazine front covers, even during the recession.

Jun 30, 2009
Out to Lunch: Business Dining in Vancouver

The popularity of Mad Men – the TV drama about a hard-living ’60s-era ad exec and his exploits in and out of the office – has stoked a certain nostalgia recently for deals struck on handshakes at three-martini-and-steak lunches. The...

Nov 4, 2008
The Zen of Andrea Eng

I am “omming” with Andrea Eng, who has invited me to join her at a busy Kitsilano yoga studio. While tackling the downward dog, fire hydrant and cobra poses, we are supposed to be seeking our “higher truths.” My mind...

Jul 1, 2008
Adult Literacy: Learning on The Line

There is a decade-old story – told by an adult literacy worker in a small industrial town in northern B.C. – of a supervisor demanding that the name of an employee being helped with his reading be revealed. Why? So he could fire him and put in his place someone with higher skills.

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