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Oct 19, 2015
The Connector

It took one book to radically shake up Tracey McVicar’s life. Thanks to Ordinary Resurrections: Children in the Years of Hope, based on the experiences of educator Jonathan Kozol in a South Bronx school, McVicar left 12 years of investment banking during the frenzied technology run-up of the ’90s to teach...

Mar 19, 2015
Sayenden Supramaniyam

Co-founder and CEO AGE: 25 COMPANY: Realtyforsale “Their battle was so much greater than anything I’ll face in the entrepreneurial world” The story: SFU graduate Sayenden Supramaniyam’s ambition for his online real estate brokerage is anything but small: “I want to revolutionize the industry,” he says bluntly. Supramaniyam, one of three co-founders (the other...

Mar 19, 2015
Marianne Black

Co-founder, Director and Advisor AGE: 26 COMPANY: Arbutus Medical Inc. "Sometimes, good intentions turn into a good business plan" The story: Sometimes, good intentions turn into a good business plan. For Marianne Black, a former UBC grad student in biomedical engineering, it was a cheap drill. A typical surgical drill costs roughly $30,000; while...

Mar 19, 2015
Ashley Roulston

Co-founder and COO AGE: 28 COMPANY: Industrial Plankton Inc. “I don’t think my expertise would be in managing a 100-person company but getting everyone excited and moving quickly from a one- to 20-person company” The story: For Ashley Roulston, family and entrepreneurship are a natural mix. The University of Victoria alumna founded Industrial Plankton...

Mar 19, 2015
David Gens

Founder and CEO AGE: 27 COMPANY: Merchant Advance Capital Ltd. “I liked the idea of a business model that was successful in the U.S. but hadn’t caught on in Canada" The story: Years of booking shows and minding the moneybox for his high school band prepared David Gens well for a career in...

Mar 19, 2015
Christopher Redcliffe

President and CEO AGE: 29 COMPANY: BC Benefits The Story: Getting sued by a multinational corporation might not be the ideal way to start a new business, but looking back, Christopher Redcliffe says the experience made him stronger. “When you’re cornered into a situation where there really isn’t anywhere to go, it’s that...

Mar 19, 2015
Agata Osinska

Director of Product AGE: 29 COMPANY: Plenty of Fish Media Inc. “I really liked Ireland, but then I started visiting him here, and once you see the mountains, the ocean, you’re like… oh” The story: Agata Osinska came to Vancouver by way of Ireland and, before that, Poland, where she was born. Her British...

Mar 19, 2015
Claudia Li

Co-founder AGE: 28 COMPANY: Hua Foundation "In 2013, she and Kevin Huang co-founded the Hua Foundation to strengthen Chinese culture, heritage and sustainability" The Story: Claudia Li blends sustainability with preserving and honouring Chinese cultural tradition. The product of a large extended family from Hong Kong, Li was born in Vancouver and grew up...

Mar 19, 2015
Adrian Duke

Co-founder and CEO AGE: 28 COMPANY: Skyturtle Technologies Ltd. “I couldn’t handle being told that I was going to be a lifer” The story: At 18, like many young roughnecks on the Alberta oil patch, Adrian Duke bought a truck. When his boss told him that the purchase was a sign that he was...

Mar 19, 2015
Eugene Suyu

Founder and CEO AGE: 26 COMPANY: Tinkerine Studios Ltd. "The publicly traded Tinkerine has mostly been profitable, although margins have shrunk as the company scaled from just four employees to 27" The story: Maybe it was the designer in his blood—his parents once owned a silkscreen business—but Eugene Suyu says that, in founding Tinkerine...

Mar 19, 2015
Laura Moe

Co-founder and CMO AGE: 23 COMPANY: Clad Innovations Ltd. “Air pollution is the number one daily health risk, but it’s not monitored at all on a personal level” The Story: Many young people find themselves pondering their future while travelling overseas. Not many, however, wind up potentially coming up with the next big thing...

Mar 19, 2015
Lizzy Karp

Founder AGE: 29 COMPANY: Lizzy Karp Communications "Rain City Chronicles has produced events with the Vancouver School Board and the Vancouver Art Gallery and has been broadcast on CBC Radio" The Story: Lizzy Karp credits her outsider status in helping her become an “accidental” entrepreneur. Born in Salt Lake City to an American father...

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