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Kristen is an SFU master of publishing graduate and the former associate editor of BCBusiness magazine. She enjoys live music, wordplay and stories well told. She snowboards in the winter, skim boards in the summer and drinks wine all year round.

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Feb 4, 2014
How to Give a Motivational Speech

1. Rely on extremes. You dropped out of school or you were top of your class at Yale; in your business’s first year you almost went bankrupt. Or you made millions. 2. Let your hands do as much talking as your mouth. 3. Always use a wireless mic. Taping a handheld to...

Feb 4, 2014
Inside Craft Beer Market

It may surprise you that Craft Beer Market owner P.J. L’Heureux considers the food first and beer second at his 450-seat restaurant and bar in Vancouver’s Salt Building. There are 12 wines and 140 beers on tap, but the Calgary-based restaurateur lights up when he talks about the in-house baker...

Feb 4, 2014
Inside Vancouver's Digital Strategy

The screech of a 1990s dial-up tone is a grating reminder of how taxing it used to be to simply connect to the Internet. These days most of us carry that silent, superfast connective power in our pocket wherever we go. But not everyone enjoys the privilege of digital fluency...

Jan 31, 2014
Best Buy Canada Lets Go of 950 Employees

Best Buy made headlines in 2013 for all the wrong reasons: cutting its Results Only Work Environment program, which allowed employees to work from home; losing its president and COO Mike Pratt; and closing seven stores across Canada. In a release on January 30, Best Buy Canada announced that as...

Jan 29, 2014
Tsawwassen First Nation Retail Development Under Way

Last Friday, January 24, marked the first day of construction for two massive projects on Tsawwassen First Nation Land that have been in development for the past two years: Ivanhoé Cambridge’s Tsawwassen Mills shopping centre and Property Development Group’s Tsawwassen Commons outdoor retail centre. In May 2013, then-newly elected Tsawwassen First...

Jan 23, 2014
Connect with Canadian Leaders Over Coffee

Even if by some small wonder you acquired astronaut Chris Hadfield’s direct contact info, would you be bold enough to ring him up and ask him out for coffee? A new program focused on connecting emerging professionals with established leaders is asking you to do just that. Ten Thousand Coffees—which calls...

Jan 6, 2014
Homer St. Cafe and Bar

On the corner of Homer and Smithe streets in downtown Vancouver, where the Homer Café once resided, is a semantically similar yet gastronomically distinct new restaurant: Homer St. Cafe and Bar. The charming new bistro occupies two notable Vancouver buildings—the Homer and the Beasley—and was renovated and conceived by the...

Jan 6, 2014
How to Keep Your Resolutions

1. Going dairy-free in 2014? Then so is the rest of the office. 2. Practise positive self-talk to help yourself stay confident while chasing your business goals. 3. Eat lunch, take personal calls and smoke at your desk so you can use break time for working out. 4. Computers are procrastination machines—kick it...

Dec 10, 2013
Lululemon Appoints New CEO and New Chair

The new year is bringing some big changes for Lululemon Athletica Inc.—namely a new CEO and a board of directors with a conspicuously new chair. The company announced today that Laurent Potdevin will succeed Christine Day as the company’s new CEO and that its founder, Chip Wilson, has stepped down...

Dec 2, 2013
Avoiding the Office Flu

1. Ensure that even your anti-flu shot colleagues get immunized. After all, if they fall ill, you’re going down with them. 2. Enforce obligatory hand-sanitizer rubdowns for anyone entering your office. 3. Avoid touching doorknobs, elevator buttons, taps, keyboards, phones, pens—everything you come into contact with has the ability to make you...

Nov 8, 2013
It's Still a Man's World

Fresh off a panel discussion at the CFA Vancouver Society's Effecting Change 2013 Women's Symposium, Copperleaf Technologies Inc. CEO Judi Hess talks about the challenges of rising to the top in the business world. What does it take to become a CEO in a man’s world? Number one is: be yourself. Because...

Nov 6, 2013
A.A. Convention Comes to Vancouver

From July 2-5, 2025, Vancouver will host the largest conference in the city's history: the International Alcoholics Anonymous Convention. The city has been working to secure this bid for 10 years, after losing out on a bid in 2003 and once more following that. Vancouver beat out more than a dozen...

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