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Michael heads up Canada Wide’s editorial team, with a special focus on custom publishing. He has worked as an editor and storyteller for more than 25 years with media outlets including Canadian Business, Alberta Venture and the Vancouver Sun. He has won or been a finalist for more than a dozen journalism awards, and was named the inaugural Editor of the Year by the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association in 2008. Michael specializes in putting complex ideas into formats and language accessible to a wide range of audiences.

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Aug 24, 2022
Pacific Trader: The Keg is feasting on the Summer of Revenge

You’d think a chain of restaurants premised on the consumption of red meat wouldn’t have the brightest future. But consumers intermittently house-bound for the past two years are flooding back onto barstools and patios to get together again with friends and family.

Aug 9, 2022
Pacific Trader: B2Gold bucks the commodity slump

Precious metals prices have actually crept up in recent months. And the biggest gold producer hereabouts is B2Gold Corp. (TSX:BTO; NYSE:BTG), with operating mines in Mali, the Philippines and Namibia and exploration and development projects on four continents.

Jul 19, 2022
Pacific Trader: Paper profits in sight for Canfor Pulp Products

The stock: Most forest products were caught up in the recent downdraft for commodities sparked by fears of an impending global recession. Not so for pulp and paper. U.S. pulp prices have risen sharply this year on supply constraints and...

Jul 7, 2022
Pacific Trader: Can Lions Gate Entertainment rewrite the stock market narrative?

The stock: The ongoing stock market rout may have you seeking some escapism, some diversion to take your mind off your portfolio’s troubles. One thing that can be said for entertainment stocks like Lions Gate Entertainment (NYSE:LGF.A, LGF.B) is they...

Jun 27, 2022
The 2022 Top 100: Anything but Normal

The boom times only look that way in hindsight. We may come to remember 2021 as the sweet spot between the initial shock COVID-19 dealt to the world economy and the twin perils of inflation and rising interest rates that...

Jun 27, 2022
The 2022 Top 100: B.C.'s biggest companies by industry

Climbing out of the claws of the pandemic wasn't an easy feat. The push and pull of supply chain issues and inflation impacted businesses throughout B.C. in 2021, but even with ground lost in 2020, the economy was able to...

Jun 27, 2022
Top 100 2022: 50 to 100

2020 rank: 48Chief executive: John Anderson Revenue by fiscal year ($000)2021: 1,108,3182020: 1,164,496% change: -4.8 2020 rank: 54Chief executive: Brad Thorlakson Revenue by fiscal year ($000)2021: 1,100,000 e2020: 1,000,000 e% change: 10.0 2020 rank: 40Chief executive: Neil Chrystal Revenue by fiscal year ($000)2021: 1,081,0002020: 1,274,000% change: -15.1 2020 rank: 47Chief executive: Norman Hower Revenue by fiscal year ($000)2021: 1,050,000 e2020: 1,150,000 e% change: -8.7 2020...

Jun 27, 2022
Top 100 2022: 1 to 50

2020 rank: 1Chief executive: Darren Entwistle Revenue by fiscal year ($000)2021: 16,838,0002020: 15,341,000% change: 9.8 2020 rank: 2Chief executive: Jim Pattison Revenue by fiscal year ($000)2021: 14,000,0002020: 12,700,000% change: 10.2 2020 rank: 3Chief executive: Don Lindsay Revenue by fiscal year ($000)2021: 13,481,0002020: 8,948,000% change: 50.7 2020 rank: 9Chief executive: Ray Ferris Revenue by fiscal year ($000)2021: 10,518,0002020: 4,373,000% change: 140.5 2020 rank: 5Chief executive: Philip Pascall Revenue by fiscal year...

Jun 21, 2022
Pacific Trader: Skeena Resources aims to revive Eskay Creek's glory days

The stock: In contrast to **cough, cough** cryptocurrency, gold is once again showing itself to be a genuine store of value in perilous markets. The trouble with buying bullion now is that you’re paying full price. But there’s another way of...

Jun 17, 2022
Real Estate Investment Guide 2022: COVID-19 upended B.C. real estate-or did it?

“We weren’t those people who got into the real estate market early and who’ve managed to benefit from that. We are not those people who played the market, flipping homes,” Adam Bullied says, by way of explaining how he and...

Jun 8, 2022
Pacific Trader: Can this biodegradable plastic maker turn a good idea into a winning investment?

The stock: Have you ever looked at all the plastic in your grocery bags and kitchen and bathroom cabinets and wondered, How hard can it be to make waterproof, airtight, sterile material that won’t still be poking out of the...

May 24, 2022
Pacific Trader: A pure play on America's travel revival

The stock: It’s surprising that Vancouver, where so many fortunes have been made in real estate, is home to so few real estate investment trusts (REITs). The reigning elder statesman of this very small bunch is American Hotel Income Properties...

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