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Nov 13, 2018
Political Scientist: Andrew Weaver holds the balance of power
Richard Littlemore

It’s a hot August day, and BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver is dripping. We’ve been walking all afternoon in the Vancouver Pride Parade, and his rumpled rainbow shirt is sweat-stained and sticking to his back. Even his battered cowboy...

Nov 7, 2018
Opinion: Justin Trudeau tries to have it both ways on economy, environment
Nick Rockel

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function,” novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a stab at that during...

Nov 5, 2018
Opinion: It’s about the economy, stupid!
Jae Mather

The recent announcement of the $40-billion liquefied natural gas project in B.C. has generated praise from the business sector, the provincial and federal governments, and those who have expressed worry over the province’s investment climate. Concerns from the environmental sector have been heard as well. Unfortunately, much of the technology in...

Oct 22, 2018
Opinion: How the NDP helped win LNG
Val Litwin

B.C. has been waiting decades for a recent announcement: that consortium LNG Canada and the Coastal GasLink pipeline have been given the green light to bring natural gas from the Northeast to Kitimat. For the province, it’s the beginning of...

Oct 2, 2018
Is Justin Trudeau in for a big October?
Nathan Caddell

Before October, there hadn’t been much in the way of positivity for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Whether it was his disastrous India trip, the purchase of the Kinder Morgan pipeline or a ruling by the Federal Court of Appeal that the federal government had failed to adequately consider Indigenous concerns...

Sep 26, 2018
Go Figure: Is B.C. farmland a good investment?
Melissa Edwards

B.C. farmland can be a sound investment­—especially if you’re a speculator looking for tax breaks

Aug 30, 2018
Federal Court of Appeal rejects Trans Mountain pipeline expansion
By the Editors

In a surprising turn, the Federal Court of Appeal has discarded the federal government’s approval to build the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. It’s a major victory for Indigenous groups and environmentalists opposed to the $7.4-billion project. And it’s a huge setback for the feds after their purchase of the existing pipeline and...

Aug 3, 2018
How B.C. manages the complications of combining tourism and the environment
Nathan Caddell

Anyone who’s ever visited B.C. can figure out the province’s main selling point in about five minutes. It’s all over posters and press conferences—heck, it’s on our licence plates: Beautiful British Columbia.But as the tourism industry gets larger by the...

Jul 18, 2018
The 2018 Top 100: How technology is transforming the mining business
Nathan Caddell

Having spent a large part of my childhood strapping into fake car seats in the games arcade section of the Queen of Tsawwassen ferry, I experience a flashback of sorts when asked to man the controls of a replica shovel. But it quickly becomes apparent that Teck Resources’ simulator is...

Jul 4, 2018
The 2018 BCBusiness Top 100 with Goldcorp's Ian Telfer
Paul Duchart

More than 800 attended the sold-out 2018 BCBusiness Top 100 event at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on June 28. The afternoon began with a stand-up networking luncheon followed by an interview with Goldcorp chairman and director Ian Telfer with Canada Wide...

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