Futurpreneur launches “Startup and Prosper” podcast for young Black entrepreneurs

The six-episode season is hosted by Mona-Lisa Prosper, director of Futurpreneur's Black Entrepreneurship Startup Program

Credit: Mona-Lisa Prosper, Futurpreneur

The six-episode season is hosted by Mona-Lisa Prosper, director of Futurpreneur’s Black Entrepreneurship Startup Program

Black entrepreneurs (and anyone looking for some major biz-related inspiration) can look forward to tuning in to Futurpreneur‘s first-ever podcast. Startup and Prosper launches at the end of this month, and according to host Mona-Lisa Prosper, it’s as uplifting as it is educational. “We are trying to use this outlet to build awareness for our program, yes, but also inspire young Black entrepreneurs,” Prosper says. 

The series episodes include themes like “How the BLM movement launched/saved my business,” “Demystifying business loans: Why would I need one?” and “Taking up space: You belong.” In the latter, Prosper talks with Alfred Burgesson, the Nova Scotia–based entrepreneur who founded Tribe Network, a website that connects BIPOC entrepreneurs. “We spoke with him about launching that platform, and why it’s important to speak out, to be an agent of change and to lead by example.” 

Prosper herself was so enthusiastic about her guests that she admits she had trouble staying on-topic (and keeping the pod within the 45- to 60-minute mark). “But it always comes down to entrepreneurship,” she explains, “and how entrepreneurship can help uplift others and define ourselves.

Although there is a focus on Black entrepreneurs, “the message of each episode can speak to any entrepreneur out there, no matter their race or ethnicity,” the host says. “They are all inspiring stories.” 

The first episode of Startup and Prosper goes live on February 28, and the podcast will be presented in both English and French.