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Driving B.C. forward presented by Dueck GM: Adrian Brouwers

Through this 12-part series Dueck GM salutes B.C.’s entrepreneurs who are driving growth and innovation in the local business community. This month’s driving force is finance guru Adrian Brouwers.

Adrian Brouwers is chairman and co-founder of ModernAdvisor, an online financial advisor, and has a long history of service in this field. Prior to co-founding ModernAdvisor, Brouwers was the CEO and president of Clarington Mutual Funds. He’s also held numerous management positions with leading mutual fund companies including vice president of sales at Global Strategy and vice president of sales at Bolton Tremblay. In that capacity, Brouwers mentored and coached many brokers and financial planners and helped them build a successful business.
Why do you drive a Cadillac?
Years ago I purchased a Cadillac from Dueck, and after that I tried a few other luxury brands. I have to admit, I always felt something was missing when I compared them to the Cadillac. Currently I drive a Cadillac XTS and I’m enjoying the comfort and luxury it provides—plus it handles like a dream. Any chance I get, I hop in and hit the road.
Why are you a Dueck customer?
I have a longtime relationship with the Dueck organization. They always go above and beyond and provide fabulous customer service, and are always happy to help. They have shown special interest in me, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! 

What are three elements of your best road trips? 
First and foremost my wife! Other than that, some comfortable clothes and my golf clubs.

I understand you started a new company. Tell us about it.
My partner and I founded ModernAdvisor with one simple mission: to help Canadians invest more successfully by combining our investment expertise with the latest software and web technologies.

What do you mean by “invest more successfully”?
Our platform is easy to use, and reduces the overall cost of investing—our fees are typically 1/3 the cost of traditional options, or less. We do this by choosing high-quality, low-cost, commission-free funds for
our portfolios.

Do you see your service completely replacing traditional human financial advisors?
Not at all. In fact, we have a partnership program where financial advisors can use our technology and investment platform to grow their business. All interested advisors should contact my co-founder, Navid Boostani, at 604-259-6380.

How will your investment returns compare to other investment funds in the long-term?
We ensure that each of our clients’ accounts is optimally allocated to a diversified global portfolio, and continuously monitor and rebalance the accounts as needed. This, along with the low cost, will produce superior returns in the long-run.

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