2024 Women of the Year Awards: Leader – Runner-up Angela Doro

Angela Doro, president of Freybe Gourmet Foods, is a runner-up of the Leader category of the 2024 Women of the Year Awards


Angela Doro
President, Freybe Gourmet Foods

When Angela Doro was embarking on a career after graduating from SFU in the early ’90s, she thought she’d like to get into HR. The problem was that HR as we now know it didn’t really exist yet. “There was a personnel department that typed up paycheques and hired people, but the psychology of it was sort of emerging,” she says.

In one of her first jobs out of school—as an executive assistant—Doro started talking about some of the industrial and organizational psychology practices she had learned about in university. “The president said, ‘Why don’t you start bringing some of those things into our business?’ I got some certifications and got involved in developing people.”

She left that job in 2007 (as HR director) to join Langley-based Freybe Gourmet Foods as its director of organizational development. Eventually, she oversaw the brand, operations and marketing departments before becoming president in 2021.

Food manufacturer Freybe has around 450 employees and Doro oversees the brand side of that and its 75 or so staff. “I’m most proud of bringing a strong mental health culture to the company, prior to it becoming a thing that people talked about,” she says.