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Experienced Realtor Marty Pospischil Brings His Community Along for the Ride

Marty Pospischil’s success in real estate has allowed him and his team to continue their philanthropic efforts

A realtor’s weekdays are filled with client meetings, negotiations, drafting contracts and late nights; and their weekends aren’t any easier with more meetings and countless open houses to attend. The truth is, realtors must be on their game seven days a week.  But despite their busy schedules many of them still manage to find time to support worthy causes—some very close to their hearts. 

On top of the work of running a real estate office that sells 100 homes a year, Marty Pospischil—a real estate professional since 1993—also finds time to cycle 200 km a week. He needs to stay in shape for the annual Ride to Conquer Cancer, a 250-km ride from Vancouver to Seattle. Over the past five years, his office has contributed $300,000 to this fundraiser for the BC Cancer Agency, and this year, 12 people from his office have committed to the ride. 
Pospischil, who was diagnosed and treated for cancer in 1990, says the event is an inspiring challenge. He and his team at Dexter Associates Realty fundraise all year, with wine-tasting seminars and other community and sporting events at which people can donate money. “It’s really amazing to experience the support we get from our clients because everybody’s been touched by cancer,” says Pospischil.
While his office supports a long list of organizations, there are three that stand out: the Ride to Conquer Cancer, the Pumpkin Patch at Trafalgar Elementary and the Viengping Orphanage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 
The Pumpkin Patch is an annual Halloween fair, which raises between $1,500 and $2,000 for the school. As for Viengping Orphanage, Pospischil and his wife, Kunlaya, first visited the orphanage on a trip to her native country in 1994, and now they return every two years to make donations. These funds have been used for much-needed items such as water filtration systems, desks, beds and kitchen appliances. 
Noting that his office is able to support these great causes because his team sells so many homes, Pospischil has worked tirelessly to ensure the sales keep coming. In fact, he used his engineering background to develop unique systematic approaches to marketing, which has proven to be effective. 
Eighty per cent of his sales are repeat or referred clients—a direct result of the marketing plan. For every listing, from entry-level condos to $16-million homes, his team uses a 38-point marketing strategy, which includes flyers to every office in the market area, emails to 4,000 people in his database, marketing brochures and listings on about a dozen different websites. He also developed a system called Back Office, which tracks all information related to a property, including calls, feedback from viewings and contact information for interested parties. Clients can view all of this information online to see how the office is handling their listing. 
“We can generate competition because we’ve got a database of people to call,” says Pospischil. “It’s actually enabled us to get above-market prices. In some cases we’ve had up to 20 offers on one property. It’s a big exciting part of our business and how we do so well for our clients.”
And when Pospischil’s clients reap the rewards of his hard work, so do the great causes he and his team supports.