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Malcolm Hasman Sets the Standard in Luxury Real Estate

Top selling real estate agent Malcolm Hasman has his finger on the pulse of high-end properties in the city

It’s a well-known fact that property value throughout the Lower Mainland has risen to an all-time high. One reason? Wealthy families from around the world have continued a large-scale migration to the area, and the market has responded with properties to meet their expectations. 
“Vancouver is a city driven by a migration of wealthy families coming here for all the right reasons,” says Malcolm Hasman, Vancouver’s top-selling luxury real estate agent for the past 20 years. “Canada is just an incredible country to live in. It has a great banking system and a great education system. They look at Vancouver as a safe city for their children and just a wonderful place. People are coming from Mainland China, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Great Britain. We’re even starting to see U.S. buyers again. I get new clients from all over the world and I don’t anticipate any change in that.” 
The appeal of high-end living on the West Coast, particularly in Vancouver, is undeniable and Hasman knows that better than anyone. He sold his first luxury home, a property on Southborough Dr. in West Vancouver, in 1988. Since then, both the quantity and quality of luxury homes in Greater Vancouver has changed dramatically. He notes that today, that same property would sell for well over $6 million. 
With the demand for luxury homes growing, and lots of quality realtors, what has allowed Hasman to not only be successful but have a significant presence in the luxury home sector?
Hasman started selling real estate in Vancouver in 1985, and quickly established himself with a recognizable brand and a very high-profile international marketing program. “For real estate agents today, it is imperative to brand themselves, to create an image,” says Hasman. 
And Hasman’s brand has never been stronger.
He set out to become the top selling agent in Greater Vancouver, and in 1999 was awarded that honour— determined by both units sold and sales volume—by Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. “I was extremely ambitious,” he says. “I loved the business from the day that I started. I just enjoyed the people. I loved negotiating the sales and putting them together.” That passion has led to several memorable sales for Hasman. 
His favourite sales include selling Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s Shaughnessy mansion, and taking Hawn out to lunch at Il Giardino. He also sold the most expensive home in Canada in June 2005, a waterfront property in West Vancouver, was quoted on CNN about the real estate market and more recently set an MLS record in Vancouver for the most expensive sale: a $25-million penthouse at the Fairmont Residences. “To this day I love listing a beautiful property,” says Hasman. “I love selling dream homes and dream properties.” 
With no sign of the luxury real estate sector dipping anytime soon, Hasman will have many more opportunities to unite his love of people and beautiful properties.


Photo by Scott Adolf