30 Under 30: Amin Niri is developing a fitness trainer that fits into your pocket

He developed his passion for software from an early age.

Amin Niri, 25

Co-founder + CEO, Flex A.I.

Life Story: Amin Niri developed his passion for software from an early age. At 12, he started his own private World of Warcraft servers so he wouldn’t have to pay the game’s monthly fees. “It was really intriguing that I could make something out of nothing,” he recalls.

By the time he started studying computer science at UBC, Niri knew that he would one day create his own company. He didn’t know what kind until he tried getting into shape and found himself wanting a low-cost app that could replicate personal training services. Niri dropped out of university in 2018 to build that product with his best friend from high school, Connor Gill.

Bottom Line: Flex A.I. uses a patented machine learning algorithm to create a tailored experience for each user, but its most distinguishing AI-powered feature remains secret until later this year. The company has raised $2 million in funding and grown to 15 people since its founding in May 2018.