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May 25, 2022
Vancouver-based iQmetrix is putting customer experience first with a $14 million acquisition
Rushmila Rahman

Back in the late '90s, Regina, Saskatchewan was buzzing with up-and-coming entrepreneurs, but not many businesses were thriving off that wave. So the founders of retail management software provider iQmetrix decided to take advantage of it by starting a people-first...

May 25, 2022
Unbounce adds three high profile executives to support growth
By the Editors

Last year, the big news at Vancouver-based Unbounce was the appointment of Felicia Bochicchio as CEO. Bochicchio, the company’s former president, replaced co-founder Rick Perrault, who had been diagnosed with cancer and moved into the executive chair role. At the time...

May 24, 2022
Ethọ́s Lab is throwing a public block party to celebrate its new home in Mount Pleasant
Rushmila Rahman

What’s the best way to get kids interested in STEAM? Throw a public block party, of course. On Saturday, June 18, youth academy Ethọ́s Lab will do just that to celebrate the launch of its first in-person venue in Mount Pleasant. The...

May 19, 2022
The CEO of MarineLabs thinks everything that floats should be a real-time data station
Rushmila Rahman

The kind of data that Victoria-based coastal intelligence company MarineLabs collects could’ve prevented the Suez Canal crisis, according to its CEO, Scott Beatty. “There was an issue with high wind and it was determined to be a pilot error,” he...

May 11, 2022
Imagia Canexia Health is taking cancer care under the knife
Rushmila Rahman

Given that the number of new cancer cases per year is projected to rise to 29.5 million by 2040, and given that cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada, anything that greases the wheels to improving patient care...

May 11, 2022
Pacific Trader: Can CloudMD stage a miraculous recovery?
Michael McCullough

The stock: Two years ago, at the start of the pandemic, the idea of providing digital health care services was just what the doctor ordered—or was that her investment advisor? With its aggressive acquisition strategy, CloudMD Software & Services (TSXV:DOC)...

May 6, 2022
This local tech unicorn thinks people analytics can reveal informal leaders in your organization
Rushmila Rahman

A company is like a machine with many moving parts—a single chink in the armour can bring everything to a grinding halt. By identifying which parts of a company aren’t performing as well as they could be, Vancouver-based tech unicorn...

May 6, 2022
Vancouver's GlüxKind the only startup west of Toronto to make NEXT AI Montreal cohort
Nathan Caddell

Babies and technology can be a tricky mix. Studies have shown that you don’t want your 6-month-old staring at a TV screen for an entire day. But advances in technology have made parenting easier (in some ways, at least) than...

May 4, 2022
14 startups seek to level up at the 2022 Investor Showcase
Rushmila Rahman

So you have a great business idea. Now what? Unfortunately, that’s where a lot of great ideas come to an end—often due to a lack of funding and support. But with the annual Investor Showcase, hosted by entrepreneurship@UBC and the Institute...

Apr 28, 2022
Sparkgeo harnesses the power of geospatial data to help tech companies move forward
Rushmila Rahman

Back in 2010, most cellphones had GPS. Now they all have it. According to Will Cadell, founder and CEO of geospatial consulting firm Sparkgeo, we’re talking about seven billion devices collecting geospatial data every day, and that’s on top of all the...

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