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Mar 2, 2008
Putting the Eco in Economy
By Bryan Gallagher

After spending three years and $18,000 on my bachelor of business administration degree at SFU, I’ve only discussed a green economy for a total of one hour. I’m appalled. Canadian schools continue to teach that poisoned waters, fouled air, decimated...

Mar 1, 2008
Genetrack Biolabs: When Labs Attack
Peter Severinson

Genetrack Biolabs Inc. got a lesson in the scary rules of retail after the Vancouver-based genetic-testing lab released its first consumer product. The lab analyzes DNA for such clients as the Canadian court system and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Its commercial software, a Facebook-like social-networking service focused on genetics, recently became a consumer hit. Then things got nasty.

Dec 28, 2007
Vancouver's Economy: Getting Smarter
Tony Wanless

Apparently, Vancouver has been listed as one of the world's top 21 “smart” cities. The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), a nonprofit think tank that focuses on job creation and economic development in the broadband economy, decided that B.C.'s largest city belonged on the list because its technology industry is heavily weighted to small businesses.

Dec 14, 2007
QLT's Age-Related Stock Disease
Tony Wanless

No doubt there's much weeping in the biotech community today after BC's most iconic biotech, QLT, announced that it might be put on the auction block as one of several options being considered by the company's management in an effort to boost its value, but age-related stock disease inevitable.

Dec 5, 2007
Brain Busters
Vicki O’Brien

Five commonly held notions about our most complex organ: 1. We only use 10 per cent of our brain. False: This statistic is bandied around as fact, partly because it supports the psychic/paranormal agenda. Harnessing more of our brain...

Dec 2, 2007
No Brainer: Boosting Mental Fitness
Vicki O’Brien

You might be able to Botox your wrinkles away, but there’s one part of your body that definitely can’t escape the ravages of time: your brain. Vicki O’Brien investigates the business of boosting mental fitness and explains why B.C. employers should be doing more to keep their stressed-out, aging workforce tuned in and turned on.

Nov 24, 2007
Entrepreneurship vs Fanaticism: Too Boring to Be Noticed
Tony Wanless

As anyone who's ever started a business can attest, entrepreneurship can be one of the most passionate, dramatic, and risky moves a person can make in life. But for some reason in this celebrity and entertainment obsessed society, many people think that's absolutely boring. Take the recent awarding of top prizes in...

Sep 1, 2007
Canadian Standards Association: Safe and Sound
Jessica Werb

One of the first things Ken Rutledge does when you meet him at his Richmond branch of the Canadian Standards Association is run through the building’s safe and sound evacuation plan, pointing out that the staircase leading to the second floor is not to be used in the case of an emergency.

Jul 2, 2007
Hydrogen Fuel: Tough Cell
Nick Rockel

On a sunny Monday morning in late April, it’s the launch of Hydrogen & Fuel Cells 2007, a three-day conference and trade show at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre. Premier Gordon Campbell is welcoming several hundred delegates from more...

Jun 2, 2007
SOS over SaaS
Tony Wanless

If you’re a software publisher today, you’re operating in a swamp that’s teeming with alligators. Some are large and dangerous, determined to rule the entire swamp by providing swamp-dwellers with all the software they need – often for free.

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