Alex Conconi

Like, his worst job ever.

It figures that Alex Conconi would take an interest in real estate matters. First, he lives in Vancouver, where property issues are top of mind. And second, providing services to realtors runs in the family.

Following in the footsteps of his dad, Robert, Alex became a mortgage broker. In 2011, father and son teamed up to found one venture after another: Alt Mortgages for clients unable to get traditional financing in 2011, investment business Conconi Growth Partners in 2012 and Better Office Apps in 2013. Keeping it in the family, BOA became Lendesk, a tech platform launched in 2014 to streamline mortgage applications and simplify paperwork—that was originally used by Alt Mortgages.

If that's not enough to make your head spin, wait, there's more. In April U.S. mortgage lender Quicken Loans acquired Lendesk, though it and Alex Conconi remain based in Vancouver.

But there’s more to Conconi than founding companies. Here are some other interests and influences.

Whats your favourite spot in B.C.?

There's this spot on Vancouver Island, in the middle of the West Coast Trail. Thanks to the limited number of hikers allowed to start the trail every day, by the end of the day it’s likely to be just you (and whoever was willing to make the trek with you). The smells, unobstructed views of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, and satisfaction of being in that spot are hard to beat.

Where did you go on your last vacation?

I actually just returned from my first ever trip to the Cayman Islands where I was the officiant for a friend's wedding. Not the easiest place to get to from Western Canada, but worth the trip!

What's your most memorable podcast, film or book?

My favourite film is a 2003 Tim Burton movie called The Big Fish. The grand storytelling and the bigger-than-life persona of the protagonist, Edward Bloom, really appealed to me. They just don’t make feel good movies the way they used to.

Favourite Game of Thrones character?

Jon Snow, because he’s constantly pushing himself beyond his comfort zone and coming up strong

Favourite restaurant/bar?

I worked at White Spot through university as a dishwasher, then a host, then a bartender, then a server. As a consequence, I know that menu inside and out, and while it may have changed slightly since my time, one thing has stayed the same: that OOO sauce is tough to beat. I’ve eaten at a lot of fancy restaurants, but it’s hard to beat a good old BC Burger.


For the past 10 years I’ve really enjoyed cycling but more recently have taken to the recumbent bike. My business partner, Taylor, judges me for it, but I love that I can play chess on my phone while getting some exercise in, which for me is about mental health as much as physical health. I enjoy playing chess, so time flies, and before I know it, the ride is done. It’s hard to have a bad day if it includes some exercise.

What is your favourite quote, and what is the source?

"Luck is opportunity meeting preparation.” I’ve heard it being attributed to Pierre Trudeau, but who really knows with quotes. Attribution aside, I think the point is very valid.

Best advice every received?

Don't take it personally.

Your worst job ever?

Jackhammering concrete in a commercial basement off Broadway to install new drainage while working as a temp before university.

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

Blue whale, because you’d get to see a lot, learn a lot and live a long time.