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What's New on BCBusiness - Page 690

Jul 16, 2007
Rapid Changes vs Murky Mental Models
Tony Wanless

One is a very rude Dutch word that translates as someone who has sex with ants. It describes a person with very limited vision. The other is the more elevated Law of Requisite Variety, taken from the study of Cybernetics.

Jul 15, 2007
B.C. Groundfish Industry: Stocks to Watch
Ben Parfitt

There is little more depressing than the bleak accounts of our oceans. The deep blue cover of the April 2007 National Geographic says it all. Under the headline “Saving the Sea’s Bounty,” a dead, upended swordfish lies tangled in a...

Jul 9, 2007
CEO's to Watch
BCBusiness D.B.

stories by Peter Mitham photography by Phillip Chin THE HEAVYWEIGHT Douglas Whitehead, president and CEO, Finning International Inc. Finning International Inc. boss Doug Whitehead has spent a lifetime in the forest industry. He entered the sector in 1971, joining what would become Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd. He took the helm...

Jul 4, 2007
Iraj Pourian: President and CEO, Sierra Systems
David Jordan

When a company goes public, it’s big news. It’s high-fives all around for investors who realize their much-anticipated “exit strategy.” The media keep a tally of IPOs as a measure of the economy’s health. For the company involved, the sudden infusion of cash means a jump-start to its growth plans.

Jul 1, 2007
Hydrogen Fuel: Tough Cell
Nick Rockel

On a sunny Monday morning in late April, it’s the launch of Hydrogen & Fuel Cells 2007, a three-day conference and trade show at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre. Premier Gordon Campbell is welcoming several hundred delegates from more...

Jul 1, 2007
Technocrati: Blog On
Valerie McTavish

It’s not that bad an offer if you can convince enough people to pay you for what’s on your mind. Convince 1,000 people a day and you’ve got $10; convince a million people every month and you’ve got a six-figure annual salary. It’s that kind of math that attracts the ambitious to the world of blogging. And with minimal entry barriers (domain-name registration and some free content-management software), it’s no surprise that the blogiverse is growing at a rate of...

Jul 1, 2007
Ajay Patel: Get Your Game On
Jessica Werb

The 37-year-old father of two already has a well-established career in sports management – he’s the CEO of Gymnastics BC and Team BC’s chef de mission – but he knows first-hand that volunteering at a major event can open up...

Jul 1, 2007
Squamish: Squish to Swish?
Tyee Bridge

The carnival is camped out on the waterfront this weekend, on Nexen Canada Inc.’s old chemical plant lands, and five other West Coast Amusements employees are clustered at a nearby table. But aside from them, the place is pretty much...

Jul 1, 2007
B.C.'s Mineral Explosion
Peter Mitham

When the Gibraltar mine shut down in 1998, putting 270 people in the Cariboo out of work, it marked a turning point of sorts for the B.C. mining industry. The government had refused operator Boliden Ltd. a $20-million bailout, and...

Jul 1, 2007
Tense Times in Karachi
Peter Sverinson

I first heard of the May violence when the head of university security informed us to stay at home on Saturday, May 12, as unrest was expected in Karachi upon arrival of the chief justice of Pakistan. The violence...

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