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Sep 3, 2008
Dude, Where's My Tofino Bus?
Susan Hollis

Sometimes a personal conundrum can inspire a great business idea. For surfer Dylan Green, the 31-year-old owner of Tofino Bus Ltd., it was the lack of cheap, fast transportation between his home base in Victoria and the surf town of Tofino. In 2002 Green was a UVic student living in Victoria.

Sep 3, 2008
John Anderson: Flying High
David Jordan

It’s a hot Friday afternoon in July when I arrive at the Coquitlam head office of the Oppenheimer Group. After pinning a security pass onto my shirt pocket, I’m ushered into a formal boardroom where I expect to meet the buttoned-down president and CEO of this half-billion-dollar multinational produce distributor.

Sep 1, 2008
Travelling to Brighton, U.K.
John Lee

I’m perched on a pyramid of pebbles under a bright blue southern England sky raked with thin, wispy clouds. A few chocolate-coloured waves are frothing their way toward me while electronic chirruping from nearby amusement arcades and the vinegar-drenched aroma...

Aug 29, 2008
Disintermediation: Killing the Middleman
Tony Wanless

This came right after a note from a fellow consultant that he was moving back permanently to B.C. because modern communication tools meant he really didn’t have to have offices near clients any more. And this came while I was working with a company in the New Ventures B.C. contest that...

Aug 28, 2008
Green Economy: Slipping on the Green Collar
Tony Wanless

I thought of it when I recently found an analysis that said the renewable energy and energy efficient industries would provide an astonishing 40 million jobs in the U.S. by the year 2030. There were only about 8.5 million of these “green-collar” jobs in the U.S. in 2006. Now, while these...

Aug 25, 2008
New MBAs Don't Know Jack
Tony Wanless

Get over yourself, I tell them. You still don't know anything about today's business. This is my standard view of MBAs. They've bought the whole package that the training confers on them a kind of priesthood status, and they can move right in and run or manage a business. This is the...

Aug 18, 2008
B.C. Clean Tech: Still Can't Make The Big Show
Tony Wanless

Unfortunately, it's also an indication that the scene still has some way to go before it becomes a player. Xantrex, along with Ballard Power, the big kahuna of the cleantech and powertech cluster in B.C., agreed in late July to being acquired by French electrical engineering group Schneider Electric SA, in...

Aug 14, 2008
Video: The Neighbourhood of William Vince
J Bucher

Every Saturday night on a desolate stretch of Main Street, William Vince's District 319 theatre casts a ray of light and movie magic. But the beautifully refurbished movie house is a study in juxtaposition: it sits just a few rundown shopfronts away from the itinerant souls huddled at the corner...

Aug 14, 2008
Dr. Geoffrey Ballard: A Knight Goes Into The Night
Tony Wanless

Ballard, who is best known for starting Ballard Power Systems, which introduced a working fuel cell to the world, died recently at 75. When we talked, we mostly discussed the operation of a science business that earned him these accolades. But we also talked about what made Ballard into a scientific...

Aug 12, 2008
Managing vs. Thinking at ICBC
Tony Wanless

Apparently, to please a government bent on cost cutting, the ICBC board formed a policy to boost revenues from the research facility and other ICBC divisions that had previously been seen as cost centres, not revenue generators. But a policy is one thing; strategy is another. And there doesn't appear to...

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