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Nov 1, 2006
B.C. Business Leaders: The Power List
BCBusiness D.B.

There are the undeniable business leaders who make an obvious choice for the BCBusiness Power List. Could anyone deny that Jimmy Pattison, who built a $5.5-billion empire from a car dealership, is the top dog in retail? Or that Geoffrey...

Nov 1, 2006
Business Planning: Sad Storyeum
Tony Wanless

The standard advice for entrepreneurs today is to draw up a business plan. In fact, it’s usually a requirement if you’re seeking financing of any kind. But many business owners fall prey to a common fallacy when composing these plans.

Nov 1, 2006
McLean Mashingaidze-Greaves
Jessica Werb

Is this your day-to-day look? I’m usually more casual, but I’ll wear a suit to meetings. I think wearing a suit is pretty unoriginal in the business world, so when I do have to wear one, I like to compromise a little and not totally give in to the suit...

Nov 1, 2006
How to Create Buzz
Jessica Werb

And don’t think it happened purely by accident. In an age where radio and print seem outdated, here’s how experts create the kind of buzz that gets people talking – and spending. Live itForget billboards, TV ads and radio jingles. Last June, when Vancouver-based marketing agency Inventa promoted the relaunch of...

Nov 1, 2006
Dru Narwani: High Flyer
As told to Jessica Werb

It’s early afternoon in downtown Vancouver, and Dru Narwani has just sat through a three-hour board meeting for Nova Pole, a Vancouver-based tubular steel-pole company. The 58-year-old retired banker still has to get back home to Victoria. It’s a trip that would have most people groaning in anticipation of ferry lineups, travel times and lumpy clam chowder.

Nov 1, 2006
Aussie Rules: Melbourne
John Lee

Behind dozens of two-inch-thick doors, along a narrow passageway that’s likely cited in dictionaries under the word “dank,” stare the faces of villains such as crinolined Martha Needle. She finished her crocheting early one day, went suddenly off her middle-class rocker and poisoned most of her family. Luckily, these nutbar miscreants...

Oct 3, 2006
China-Canada Tourism: Slow Boat
Don Whiteley

Thousands of Chinese tourists would flock to our shores, they said. We'd be drowning in visitors, they said. One small question: where the hell are they? For decades, U.S. tourists have been the mainstay of B.C.'s tourism sector. But a...

Oct 2, 2006
How to Get Your S**t Together
Jessica Werb

How else to explain the growing popularity of TV shows like How Clean is Your House? and Clean Sweep, and the increasing numbers of professional organizers in the Yellow Pages? Here’s what the pros have to say about how to...

Oct 2, 2006
B.C.'s First Class Micro-Breweries
Andrew Findlay

Golden nectar cascades from the polished chrome tap, gurgling to the brim of a tall sleeve. The bartender sets it down on the hardwood countertop. I raise the sleeve to my lips, tilt and receive a mouthful in return. If...

Oct 2, 2006
The Visionary: Roger Hardy
Vicki O’Brien

As one of the winners of Ernst & Young’s ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR PACIFIC REGION program, Roger Hardy submitted himself to intense scrutiny by a top accounting firm and hard-nosed panel of judges, and came out on top. He was deemed a winner in the category of Business-to-Consumer Products and Services.

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