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Mar 2, 2007
Cost of Living
Alison Appelbe

The problems began in late 2004, when the residential strata council, made up of strata-unit owners, fired its property manager and turned to a large management firm. A per-unit management fee of $17.50 – which was then an average amount...

Mar 2, 2007
Authenticity is the Key to Employee Loyalty
Catherine Ducharme

I recently got an email from a friend working for a company newly ranked on Maclean’s magazine’s “Canada’s Top 100 Employers” list: “Who were they comparing us to – federal penitentiaries?”

Mar 1, 2007
Middle East Travel: Currying Flavour
Andrew Findlay

A man pushes through the fray and introduces himself as Mandar Singh, the owner of the horse. Apparently, he’s planning to fetch 25,000 rupees (roughly $5,000) for the virile Marwari stud. Men, some obviously making mental calculations, stare at the horse in silence. The animal is about as unattainable to...

Mar 1, 2007
Michael Nathanson
Jessica Werb

I call it “end-of-season fashion-forward.” I can’t afford to go out and buy everything that’s the latest and greatest, so I hit the sales. But if there’s something out there that is really fabulous, I’ll make the splurge – especially with shoes.

Mar 1, 2007
Bike Messengers: Running on Empty
Ryan Stuart

Until recently, at any given time, at least 10 grunged-out, pierced, tattooed and fit emissaries could be spotted hanging out outside the HSBC Bank tower at Georgia and Hornby, waiting for their next mission to be broadcast over two-way radios.

Mar 1, 2007
Board Politics
Daniel Wood

For a politician, one of the worst places to be located is in an ironic corner, and on a day in early June last year, West Vancouver’s new mayor, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, found herself in just such a spot.

Feb 2, 2007
U.K. Travel: Dublin
John Lee

A handful of dishevelled all-night partygoers, their arms wrapped firmly around each other, are weaving homeward past the Georgian storefronts, serenading themselves with tired, scratchy voices. I move aside, zip up my jacket and stomp past, feeling as though I’m looking for something but not knowing what. Rounding a corner, I...

Feb 2, 2007
Theresa Carbonneau
Jessica Werb

You like it? I spent about $300 or so on it. It’s from Holt Renfrew, but I’ll shop anywhere. I got these pants from a little Chinese store in Sinclair Centre. They’re a mix of silk and linen – they were only $60. I would never spend thousands of dollars on clothes.

Feb 2, 2007
British Columbia's Future
Vicki O’Brien

Looming challenges threatening some of our top sectors have forced British Columbians to confront a number of questions. Will traffic gridlock shut down Lower Mainland transportation? Will we have to remember our credit cards when we visit the hospital? Will B.C. still have a forestry industry after all the beetle-killed...

Feb 2, 2007
The Nichols Brothers: Play Nice
Jessica Werb

“I think it’s a really good ice breaker to have both of us sit down,” confesses David, flanked by Brent, at the Inventa head office on West Seventh Avenue near Oak Street in Vancouver. Dressed in similar casual white shirts...

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