September 2019

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Sep 16, 2019
5 questions with Liberal Party of Canada candidate Tamara Taggart
Felicity Stone

1. How will the federal government’s Women Entrepreneurship Strategy support women’s businesses? It’s a $2-billion investment that aims to double the number of women-owned businesses by 2025 by increasing their access to financing, talent, networks and expertise. There are 1.2 million small and medium-sized businesses in Canada, and only 16 percent of them are owned by women. That has to change.

Sep 11, 2019
Property Watch: More affordability in real estate comes with more turbulence
Steve Saretsky

No matter where you stand on the debate over housing prices, it’s a safe bet that the B.C. property market will keep delivering a bumpy ride for the rest of 2019. There was no shortage of turbulence in June, which saw home sales sink to a seven-year low for the month. That weakness forced sellers to settle for less, pushing...

Sep 6, 2019
Go Figure: B.C. gets back to work
Melissa Edwards

4/10 working Canadians would choose B.C. if they had to relocate for a job In a 2018 Leger report on Canadian workers... 85% of British Columbians were satisfied with their job 77% felt motivated 64% were considering self-employment 35% planned to change jobs in the next two years 63% of British Columbians have experienced burnout at work57% Canadian average Total revenue from B.C.’s employment...

Sep 6, 2019
On Trend: Milking B.C.'s non-dairy alternatives
Felicity Stone

Established as Soyaworld in 1994, Burnaby-based Earth’s Own Food Co. produces So Fresh, So Good and So Nice milks from almonds, cashews, oats and soy. Also in Burnaby, and started in 2015, Nuez Beverage Co. handcrafts nine flavours of nut milk from organic almonds and cashews without additives or fillers. In May, East Vancouver’s Plant Veda launched a vegan probiotic...

Sep 3, 2019
Toon Town: Vancouver’s animation and visual effects industry cracks the billion-dollar mark
Fiona Morrow

It’s Saturday morning at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and there’s something strange going on. I’m here for the Digital Entertainment Career Fair organized by the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC), but my eyes are momentarily flooded with spandex and sparkles. When I pause to consider whether I’m witnessing a stunt to entice more women into tech careers, someone whispers in my...

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