November 2018

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Nov 21, 2018
Planning this year's holiday office party? Prepare for the unexpected
David Hamilton

We’ve all had (or been) that coworker who has a little too much fun and does something they completely regret the day after the annual holiday office party. If you’re on the event planning team for this year’s holiday party, it’s in your best interest to be prepared for every possible scenario as you prepare for office shenanigans. After all, the...

Nov 21, 2018
B.C.'s Pot Players: The Realtors
Nathan Caddell

As one of Canada’s top commercial real estate services firms, Colliers took a risk by entering the cannabis industry. But the company upheld its standards while taking on clients looking for space to set up their growing and extraction operations. “If they’ve got a business plan that’s ready to go, that’s usually a key indicator that they’ve actually planned for success and not...

Nov 20, 2018
B.C.'s Pot Players: The Researcher
Felicity Stone

The first scientist to sequence the cannabis genome, Jonathan Page was born in Victoria and spent his childhood in the Comox Valley, poking about the countryside for interesting plants. He was especially fascinated by those with hallucinogenic, medicinal and cultural qualities. After graduating from UBC with a BSc in plant biology, Page studied chimpanzees’ use of medicinal plants in Tanzania...

Nov 19, 2018
B.C.'s Pot Players: The Extractor
Nathan Caddell

For Pete Patterson and his Vitalis Extraction Technology co-founders, James Seabrook and Joel Sherlock, what interested them about the cannabis industry wasn’t necessarily the plant itself. It was the diversity of products or, more accurately, the process that could churn them out. Kelowna-based Vitalis incorporated in early 2016 and had 50 staff as of late September; Patterson estimates it will hit 75 by...

Nov 16, 2018
B.C.'s Pot Players: The Mentor
Nathan Caddell

“There were a number of court cases that led up to the government creating regulations that allowed companies to produce cannabis on a more commercial scale for medical purposes,” Reid Parr says when asked why he and his business partner, Philip Campbell, got into the cannabis industry. “Watching that play out over time, we could see the writing on the...

Nov 15, 2018
B.C.'s Pot Players: The Physician
Nick Rockel

A strong advocate of cannabis for medical treatment, Caroline MacCallum says her patients brought the idea to her. MacCallum grew up in Newfoundland, where she earned a pharmacy degree and began medical studies. After graduating from internal medicine at UBC in 2013, she worked at several clinics. There she met people with a range of health problems who had turned...

Nov 14, 2018
B.C.’s Pot Players: The Venture Capitalist
Felicity Stone

In 2014, after 30 years with Vancouver’s Ventures West Capital, where he focused on cleantech and communications investments, Sam Znaimer founded Locarno Capital, a private equity fund manager that invests in the fast-growing cannabis industry. He once advised clients in Canada and the U.S., but the latter is no longer part of his current activity. What types of cannabis businesses are you...

Nov 13, 2018
Political Scientist: Andrew Weaver holds the balance of power
Richard Littlemore

It’s a hot August day, and BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver is dripping. We’ve been walking all afternoon in the Vancouver Pride Parade, and his rumpled rainbow shirt is sweat-stained and sticking to his back. Even his battered cowboy hat betrays the handiwork of the Denman Street squirt-gunners, who were firing welcome volleys of refreshing water. In the grand political...

Nov 9, 2018
Q&A: Chip Wilson goes deep on marketing, relationships and regrets
Nick Rockel

I’m glad I didn’t wear a suit jacket to this interview. On a sunny August morning in Vancouver, Dennis (Chip) Wilson, dressed in sneakers, blue shorts and a white polo shirt, is all tanned arms and legs. A competitive swimmer in his youth, he’s still physically imposing at 63, with piercing pale-blue eyes and a disarming toothy grin. Our meeting takes...

Nov 8, 2018
Weekend Warrior: Val Litwin is chairman of the paddleboard
Felicity Stone

Val Litwin is something of a water rat. As a child, he sailed with his parents in the Gulf Islands and enjoyed competitive swimming. In Grade 10, he took up surfing. “One of the perks of growing up in Victoria,” Litwin says. Now the BC Chamber of Commerce president and CEO lives and works in Vancouver, where he stand-up paddleboards. “I...

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