January 2008

cover story

Fear Factor

Demand from B.C. businesses is swelling the ranks of the private security industry. So who’s keeping tabs on all this hired muscle?
By Andrew Findlay


Loan Rangers

The Wild West days of B.C.’s notorious payday-loan industry are numbered, and the big players are fighting for survival.
By Brennan Clarke

King of the Hill

With skiers aging and the climate warming, are the ski villages popping up all over B.C. ghost towns in the making?
By Ryan Stuart

Storefront Survival

As shoppers demand better retail experiences, big-box stores are eyeing Vancouver’s funky neighbourhoods.
By Alison Appelbe

Round Table

In the flipside of this book, our panel of experts discusses how B.C.’s cities are holding back their small businesses.
By BCBusiness

Runway Model

After 20 years and thousands of shipments, Darryl Murphy tells us the story of his renowned build-your-own-airplane shop.
By Helena Zukowski

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