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Entrepreneur of the Year 2009
It’s our sweet 16 – the 16th 
annual edition of the Entrepreneur of the Year issue. Meet 29 business innovators who overcame the hard odds in 2009.

Video:  Ryan Beedie accepts the title of 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year

Video: BCBusiness sits down with Ryan Beedie, president of the Beedie Group

Video:  Interview with Cleantech category winner Brad Miller, of IMW Industries Ltd.

Video: Interview with the three produce magnates behind the Kin's Farm Market chain

Video:  Interview with Construction category winner Mark Omelaniec, of the Langley Concrete Group

Collection: All of our coverage of the 2010 Games, in one place

Ghost World
by Erin Millar
It’s a tough job market for anyone. But for immigrants preyed upon by shady consultants, the situation is tragic.

The Ringmasters
by Peter Severinson
Next February’s Olympic Games will be the biggest event in B.C. history. We pull back the curtain to find out who’s making it happen.

What's Love Got to Do With It?
by David Jordan
Brian Harris's improbable journey from tech titan to brewing baron.

Avoidance Techniques
by Dawn Paley
Could a U.S. crackdown on tax havens turn Vancouver into a global financial centre? 

A Passage to India
by Andrew Findlay
It has one of the world's fastest growing economies and is in desperate need of housing. Small wonder Mervyn Pinto is beating a path to India.

Trials and Tribulations
by David Baines
The Law Society of B.C. has been plagued by scandals for decades. Will new leadership be enough to save it?

Brief: Capital Ideas: The steady creep of academic corporatization

Brief: Heady Aromas: Coffee from the son of Jamaica's main mon

Brief: Nettwerking: B.C.'s premier record label is shaking up the biz – again

Expat: Like Clockwork: Cameron Walls calculates Zurich

Inquiring Minds: When Have You Lied at Work?

Need to Know: How to Barter the Best Severance Package

Crossroads: Mark Mullins: Former head of the Fraser Institute, on what's

Game Plan: The Accidental Innovator: Sometimes you have to create a market
by Tony Wanless

Real Life: Wheels of Fortune: How Bob Rennie got his bike on
by Bob Rennie

Big Ideas: Hunt for the Green Economy: We love it, we say, but what is it?
by Jock Finlayson

Tech Talk: Enough Subsidies: B.C. is smothering its tech sector
by Brent Holliday

Complaints Department: Spare the Change: Why did Archie get married?
by Steve Burgess

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