Contents | September 2013


All in the Family

Business gets personal when succession planning involves balancing family dynamics with prudent decision-making.
by Peter Mitham


Starting Over

For a growing number of older professionals, the end of one career is merely the beginning of another. Rather than take their foot off the gas pedal, ambitious seasoned entrepreneurs are revving up new businesses.
by Gord Woodward

At Any Cost

The perennial optimism of an entrepreneur can translate into perpetual struggle later in life. When retirement planning is ignored for too long and RRSPs are cleaned out to buoy a business, the options disappear fast.
by Valerie McTavish

BCBusiness Surrey

An inside look at the driving forces behind the growing suburb: stacking up the Surrey skyline, raking in the tourism cash, fortifying local retail and welcoming a new business graduate school.
by Steve Burgess, Jacob Parry and Lindsey Peacock


EDUCATIONAccelerating Academics

B.C.’s universities are entering the startup world with new programs that bolster young entrepreneurs— both academically and financially.
by David Godsall

RETAILB.C.'s Cross to Bear

Painting a picture of the catalysts behind B.C.’s cross-border shopping habit and the ensuing revenue losses to our retail sector.
by Kristen Hilderman

MARKETINGStorytell Inc.

Arc’teryx enters the retail fray, bringing its rugged North Shore brand to the world with flagship locations across the globe.
by Kate MacLennan

MININGCash Squeeze

When the equity well runs dry, B.C.-based miners dig deep and get creative.
by David Jordan


MARKETING TO GEN Y Capturing the attention and leveraging the influence of the largest generation alive today: millennials.

VISUAL LEARNING How to quit, with class.

DOING BUSINESS IN TAIWAN Navigating the sometimes contra- dicting social customs and norms in Taiwan, a melting pot of Asian cultures.

OFFICE SPACE Don’t call it an office—Burnkit’s open-concept, creativity-fuelled work environment is anything but ordinary.

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