After Hours: Spot prawns and Bill Nye are making a big splash this summer

Catch some food for thought in Vancouver.

Catch some food for thought in Vancouver

Prawn Con

We know, it still feels early, but spot prawn season is right around the corner. With it, the annual Spot Prawn Festival is back at False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf in Vancouver on May 28. The season itself lasts for some six to eight weeks, but for one day only (say that in a monster truck announcer’s voice) you can have the experience of a full, six-course spot prawn brunch. Of course, you can also opt for some bisque, or just watch the cooking demos and take part in the festivities from the docks. for more information.

Science Rules

It might feel more like a sports event than a one-person show when the audience starts chanting “Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!” at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on June 20 in anticipation of Bill Nye the Science Guy taking the stage. Nye will present a live multi-media performance based on his currently running hit show on the National Geographic Channel, The End Is Nye. He’ll guide you through six of the most likely global challenges—natural and unnatural—and explain how humankind can survive and even prevent them with, you guessed it, science. More information here.