After Hours: This Polygon Gallery exhibit is going to be a riot

The display at North Vancouver's public art gallery is here until November 6.

The Polygon Gallery

Credit: Polygon Gallery

The display is here until November 6

Riot Act

If you’re a Vancouver Canucks fan, now might be the time to look away. North Vancouver’s Polygon Gallery presents acclaimed artist Stan Douglas’s 2011 ≠ 1848, a photographic exhibit that depicts four different protests and riots from 2011. The ones in question are the start of the Arab Spring in Tunis on January 12, clashes between youth and police in London on August 9, the arrest of Occupy Wall Street protestors on the Brookyln Bridge on October 1 and, you guessed it, the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver on June 15. The Canadian premiere follows the exhibition’s unveiling last spring at the Venice Biennale. September 9 to November 6. Tickets by donation, details on hours at  

John A Brink book cover

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John A. Brink is the Prince George-based founder of the Brink Group of Companies, an umbrella corporation that manages subsidiaries in industries like lumber, warehousing and real estate. He also has ADHD. Brink’s second book, ADHD Unlocked, details the ways in which he believes the condition can be harnessed as a “force for greatness in your life.” Brink hopes to de-stigmatize ADHD and provide folks living with it a road map into how it can be used for one’s benefit. “John Brink brings the uncomfortable into the light by giving up his secrets and the truths they tell,” writes Prince George family doctor Tracey Lotze. “It is an extraordinary work.” Brink Media 165 pages, hardcover, $25.47