Infographic: B.C.’s big new art galleries


$1.47 million: Amount that went toward museums in 2015
$24 million: Annual budget of the provincially funded BC Arts Council
$60 million: Annual amount the province spends on arts and culture
$500 million: Amount the province claims to have spent since 2001
Source: government of B.C.

A collection of new art and museum spaces promises to inject a bit more culture into B.C. Some of them might even get built

British Columbia isn’t exactly famous for its arts and culture scene, but a spate of new museum and gallery spaces promises to up the game for the culturati. In Vancouver and Victoria, a handful of big projects are underway to either reinvent or launch entirely new museums and galleries—two of them funded by the same man. And then there’s the Vancouver Art Gallery…

*The museum told BCBusiness negotiations have reached an “impasse” with its hoped-for waterfront home. It’s on the hunt for alternatives.