Go Figure: Here’s what the facts and figures say about graduation season in B.C.

As classes come to a close, graduating students all over the world prepare to take the stage for their big day

June means the end of the school year and, for some families, graduation and its associated celebrations. Here are some facts and figures to put the class of 2024 in context.

  • Estimated Grade 12 enrolment in B.C. public schools this year: 57,636
    • Enrolment 10 years ago (2013-14): 59,128
    • Expected enrolment for 2031-32: 64,603
    • Number of B.C. students enrolled in independent schools: 93,291

The proportion of kids in private schools rose to 13.6% of the overall student body in 2023-24, up from just 4.3% in 1977-78.

91.4% of all B.C. students completed high school within six years in  2021-22, including:

    • 97.9% of French  immersion students
    • 77.3% of students with disabilities and diverse needs (up 62.4% from 10 years ago)
    • 75% of Indigenous students (up from 66.2% in 2016-17)

A 2015 Visa survey indicated that Canadian families planned to spend an average of $508 per teen on prom night. That was significantly lower than the US$919 American families expected to spend, with around $324 spent just on the “promposal”—an elaborate invitation recorded for social media.

Estimated 2024 prom night costs:

  • Tuxedo rental: $200 and up
  • Stretch limousine (8-10 passengers): $125/hr
  • Party bus  (35 passengers): $325/hr

50.8% of B.C.’s 2020-21 graduating class enrolled in post-secondary education within one year of graduation.

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