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Gulf & Fraser: Power Your Possible

G&F Financial Group is now Gulf & Fraser—a credit union truly committed to embracing beautiful BC


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G&F Financial Group is now Gulf & Fraser—a credit union truly committed to embracing beautiful BC. Tyler McLean, financial planner, and Ashlyn Kumar, assistant branch manager, discuss their rewarding careers and the team’s excellent customer service at Gulf & Fraser.

G&F Financial Group is now Gulf & Fraser—a credit union truly committed to embracing beautiful BC

Since merging with Aldergrove Credit Union in 2021, the credit union has been hard at work building a shared future with its employees, members and community partners.

This past January, it merged with two other BC credit unions—Mount Lehman Credit Union and V.P. Credit Union. To reflect their shared values and culture, they have rebranded as Gulf & Fraser, a trade name of Gulf and Fraser Fishermen’s Credit Union.

Shared Values

With additional mergers pending in 2023 and beyond, Gulf & Fraser will move forward with shared values (and a new brand launched October 3) that set the tone for the member and employee experience.

“Value one is Welcoming,” says Jeff Shewfelt, Co-CEO. “To us that means listening to different perspectives, including the needs of the local market, making it safe to speak up, and having open, honest and transparent communications. Collaborative is a value that speaks to how we have and will continue to work together toward common goals, learn together, share knowledge and resources, partner with credit unions, be a team player and leverage each other’s strengths.”

Coming together also brought the opportunity to continue to build an engaging and exciting workplace where employees can grow their careers.


Credit: Gulf & Fraser 

Employee Leadership

“What I love about the culture at Gulf & Fraser is that we’re really inspired to be leaders,” says Tyler MacLean, Financial Planner. “Early on in my career, we were told to be leaders from any chair… I’ve always felt empowered that if I had an idea that I could run with it.”

“Our combined vision is for a future where everyone in our communities throughout BC can achieve financial wellness,” says Bill Kiss, Co-CEO. “It’s our mission to help our members, communities and co-workers find ways to ’Power your Possible™’.”

The credit unions are choosing to merge to strengthen resources, create opportunities, expand product offerings and give more members access to specialized expertise.

“Combining resources allows us to make a greater impact in our local communities and serve our members for generations to come,” Shewfelt says. “In BC, there once were over 300 credit unions; there are now around 36. We came together to stay strong and viable in the rapidly changing financial services industry.”

By building together in a strategic and sustainable way, Gulf & Fraser can engage with other credit unions and positively impact the industry’s future.

“Our new trade name—Gulf & Fraser—is a reminder that we choose to embrace our province and the opportunities we see in the future, and that we remain connected to our communities and members,” Kiss says. “We’re excited for the road ahead.”

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