World financial markets uncertain following Trump victory

Plus, how to move to Canada and what the world thinks

Credit: Matt A.J./Flickr

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Is the Trump presidency a bad thing? Global financial markets weren’t sure. Initially they convulsed in reaction to Tuesday’s U.S. election shocker, as investors attempted to process one of the greatest upsets in modern political history. But the initial losses in global equities were substantially offset, as major U.S. and Canadian stock indexes opened the day flat and spent the morning swinging erratically. The absence of a big sell-off, however, represents a significant departure from the conventional wisdom that a Trump victory would be most unwelcome by the market. (The Globe and Mail)

A lot of Americans may be googling “how to move to Canada” in the days ahead, and in fact, Canada’s main immigration website appeared to suffer outages throughout election night. Any disaster relief claims adjusters out there? How about range conservationalists? Vocational counsellors? These are a few of the professions that give Trump dodgers an edge. (Quartz

What does everybody else think? The Guardian calls the Trump victory “a political and cultural cataclysm” and “a dark day for the world.” (The Guardian