2011 Best Companies’ Personas

Stadium Rocker

Kryton International Inc.
• Our company would be a stadium rocker. With our origins in a garage in the early ’70s we fit the profile. We also play to sold-out stadiums in the form of boardrooms all over the world to promote

Vegas Diva

6S Marketing
• Our company would be a Vegas diva because there is a ton of work that goes on beforehand with choreography and preparation, a great amount of engagement and entertainment during the performance, and a strong lasting pos

Teen Idol

Kardium Inc.
• Kardium would be a teen idol because we’re cute, young and we produce catchy material that will sweep across the globe in a matter of weeks! Our youthful, upbeat product will improve the lives of people older and w

Sensitive Folkie

Chemistry Consulting Group Inc.
• Our company would be a sensitive folkie because it is operated by three very different individuals, each of whom contributes in his or her own way.

• We have a unique look into the lives

Renegade Rapper

Nurse Next Door
• Our company would be a renegade rapper because we are the unique, radical, progressive health care company that all other health care companies want to be, but would never have the guts to.

• Nurse Next


This year’s winning companies are obviously rock stars in their own fields, but exactly what kind of rock star? We asked employees and here’s a sampling of what they said.

Styling: Steven Schelling; Hair & Makeup: LucyAnne for Lizbell using M.A.C. and TRESemme tres mousse; Models: Renata + Julian (Liz Bell)

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