6 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Domain deeds and survivor stories

Our weekly series celebrates organizations that are stepping up to help others.

Our weekly series celebrates organizations that are stepping up to help others

As another week passes during these strange times, we’re reminded of the various ways that local businesses have come together to assist one another. Whether it be donating to the causes that need it most or coming together to create PPE, there are countless ways that B.C. organizations have gone above and beyond their line of duty. As always, we thank the frontline workers who continue to support our community and those businesses and individuals who have stepped up during these challenging times. If you know of a B.C. business that has done some good in the past few months, send me an email at darian@jellymarketing.com and share their story!

Go Daddy

As we reflect on the past few months, one thing is certain—the importance of supporting local businesses. A new GoDaddy Canada survey found that 88 percent of small business owners will continue to shop locally. As provinces move into various stages of reopening, 73 percent of Canadian small business owners are ready to reopen, but they need support from Canadians to do so. A majority of small business owners (69 percent) say ordering online is the best way to support local businesses as they reopen, followed by sharing social media content (42 percent), and buying gift cards (31 percent). GoDaddy Canada is proud to work alongside Canadian entrepreneurs every day, such as Jacques Kabuya, founder of Vancouver’s Salt N Sear Catering. Stay tuned to GoDaddy Canada’s Instagram page (@godaddycanada) to learn how Kabuya has pivoted his business. To check out the survey results from GoDaddy, see here.  

Island Health

To protect frontline workers and community members, Campbell River Area Angel Group united the City of Campbell River, the Strathcona Regional District, public-sector organizations like Island Health and other businesses, to create the Face Shield Project for Island Health. During a time when supply chain security, local production and resilience are at the forefront of conversations, the Vancouver Island region responded to a national call to action to produce PPE for our medical professionals. The project involved identifying and assessing local capabilities, sourcing hard-to-get materials (including kilometres of film and elastic), developing safety protocols, setting up a small-scale manufacturing facility and coordinating deliveries. Despite the many challenges, the experience was overwhelmingly positive—with many virtual high-fives shared by small businesses, individuals and government agencies. Readers can learn more about the scale of this community project here.

Dominion Bar + Kitchen

Surrey restaurant Dominion Bar + Kitchen has promised to continue working towards supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement, as well as Indigenous and racialized Canadians. The Dominion serving team offered to donate their gratuities for an entire day, with the total amount matched by Dominion Bar + Kitchen. The restaurant group raised $1,000, split in three ways between the pre-selected local organizations, which include FRAFCA, The Black Youth Helpline and NightShift Street Ministries. Dominion Bar + Kitchen is very proud to have a team that is passionate about helping others. The restaurant owners and staff would like to thank the team members who donated their tips for the day and the guests who visited the restaurant. 

Lipstick Liqueur

Inspired by her mother, a breast cancer survivor, Sabrina Haloulakos founded Lipstick Liqueur to continue her career in hospitality, while supporting those who are fighting their own breast cancer battle. For every event booked, a portion of profits will be donated back to someone who is struggling with breast cancer. Recipients of the funding are encouraged to apply via the website contact page and share their personal stories. Stories are selected by Sabrina’s mother, who survived her experience with the terrible disease 10 years prior. By creating this business, Sabrina can give back to the community that saved her mother while creating work for herself in the hospitality industry.


For more than 80 years, the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC (BGC) have been serving more than 500 youth a year, giving them a place to belong. With the help and guidance of highly trained staff and volunteers, they aid youth in discovering who they are and what they are capable of, and support them in discovering promising futures. The significant decrease in access to pro-social and learning environments due to COVID-19 restrictions is affecting youth in their development. To combat this and ensure BGC youth continue to receive the help they need, the organization is engaging them through virtual meetings that provide one-on-one mentoring, social opportunities and academic support while being socially isolated. BGC relies on the community to support the ongoing needs of the people they serve. With the help of the community, philanthropy and corporate donations, BGC can continue to find innovative ways to help youth reach their full potential during the pandemic and beyond.  

Cadillac Fairview

As consumers gradually return to shopping centres, mall landlord Cadillac Fairview’s innovation team, Ravel by CF, unveiled the Ravel partner platform as well as LiVE by CF, its national mobile shopping app. The new mobile app was developed to enhance the Canadian shopping experience, at home or in CF shopping centres, and deliver additional support for retailers. Customizable to a shopper’s local CF shopping mall, LiVE by CF offers access to 65-plus brands and thousands of products as provinces and shopping malls reopen. LiVE by CF will be rolled out at all 19 CF properties across Canada, including Pacific Centre and Richmond Centre, in English and French. Key retail partners at launch include Roots Canada, SoftMoc and Mackage, among others, with opportunities for new brands to get involved immediately and curate their in-app presence and offers. The app is available for iOs and Android.