6 local businesses offering services for free during COVID-19

From fraud detection to tweeting to pet care, these B.C. companies have your back.

Credit: Beanworks website.

From fraud detection to tweeting to pet care, these B.C. companies have your back

Everyone is feeling the crush of COVID-19, and nows the time to share resources, information and support. These local businesses are offering their services for free during the pandemic—so your route planning, accounting and dog diagnosing are a little bit easier.

For accounting

Company: Beanworks
The deal: Waiving setup charges and first month of fees
Who it’s for: Everyone
More info: beanworks.com

Vancouver-based accounts payable automation company Beanworks is waiving its first month of fees and setup charges (normally $5,000) for businesses with limited or no accounting automation solutions. This service makes it easier to transition from in-office to remote accounting—and quicker, too: Beanworks is cutting down its system implementation time from five hours to two, so you’ll see results sooner. After the first month, vulnerable industries have the option to defer payment until business returns to normal.

For social media

Company: Hootsuite
The deal: Free access to professional plan
Who it’s for: Small businesses and nonprofits
More info: hootsuite.com

Every industry is feeling the impact of COVID-19, but small businesses and nonprofits are being hit the hardest. Vancouver-based social media management platform Hootsuite is providing its professional plan (which includes 10 social media profiles, unlimited RSS integrations, in-dash live chat support and a $500 monthly boost spend) free to such outfits affected by the virus. The company is also launching a series of free online workshops to help with communications for customers in health care, financial services, higher education and government organizations. Stay connected on Hootsuite’s socials for updates.

For fraud detection

Company: GeoGuard
The deal: Free fraud detection technology
Who it’s for: Everyone
More info: linkedin.com

During a global pandemic, fraud and misinformation spread like—well, a virus. To combat this, Vancouver-based software company GeoGuard is offering its bot detection technology to any business in need. The software provides protection against manipulation involving VPNs, proxies, and peer-to-peer networks using a combination of geo-filtering solutions and human intelligence.

For delivery routes

Company: Routific
The deal: Free usage of route optimization software
Who it’s for: Nonprofits helping with COVID-19 efforts
More info: routific.com

Routific normally provides route optimization software for small to medium-sized businesses, but certain nonprofits are suddenly in need of these services. Nonprofits that are helping with COVID-19 efforts (for example, those delivering essential supplies like food, medicine and medical equipment to vulnerable populations) can now use Routific free for as long as they need. The Vancouver-based company has already been contacted by 100 nonprofits since the offer launched on March 19—check out their website chat pop-up or email them for details.

For lawyers

Company: Clio
The deal: $1 million in support
Who it’s for: The legal community
More info: clio.com

Burnaby-based legal software developer Clio has committed $1 million to support lawyers everywhere. The company is providing its services in four categories: financial aid for Clio licenses, support with on-boarding and implementation of Clio, financial aid for law firms and legal organizations, and educational support. There’s more detail on each category at the COVID-19 legal relief initiative page on Clio’s website, and you can apply here.

For veterinary advice

Company: GoFetch Health
The deal: Free membership
Who it’s for: Pet owners
More info: free.gofetch.ca

Your pet is probably delighted that you’re home all the time—but if they start feeling under the weather, taking them to the vet is risky. Vancouver-based pet telehealth service GoFetch Health  is now offering its monthly subscription service (normally $5 a month) free until June 1. The GoFetch Health app connects pet owners with vets virtually to give advice, answer questions or assess whether further treatment is needed. Virtual consultations can happen in real time through the chat function, so your pet can get back to interrupting your conference calls in no time.