Best Buy Canada President Mike Pratt Resigns

Mike Pratt, Best Buy | BCBusiness
Best Buy Canada president and COO Mike Pratt announced his departure on February 19, 2013.

Mike Pratt leaves president and COO position at Best Buy Canada

Best Buy Canada has confirmed that president and COO Mike Pratt is leaving his position to pursue another opportunity, and the company is conducting a search for a new president and COO.

“We can confirm that Mike Pratt has resigned and he’ll still be here for the next few weeks for transition with the acting president, Ron Wilson,” says Best Buy director of corporate communications Christopher Bennett. Ron Wilson, senior vice-president of merchandising, marketing and e-commerce, has been named interim president.

“He’s going to the U.S. and has accepted a role as CEO and is not going to be working for a competitor,” says Bennett, adding that Pratt will be speaking to the specifics of his departure later in March.

“We think Ron is a capable and certainly an experienced and accomplished leader in the company for over 20 years,” says Bennett. “He has everyone’s confidence and support—it was well received by the organization when he was announced as the interim. And Ron is one of the candidates that they are looking at for the permanent position. Although Ron’s singular focus will be in insuring the organization is as optimized as it can be for whoever they decide to put in that role in the coming weeks.”

Pratt’s departure follows the recent closure of seven Best Buy locations across Canada, including five in B.C.

Pratt was named president of Best Buy Canada in 2008 after holding the position of senior vice-president of operations for almost six years. Prior to that he was director of operations with Future Shop and was named vice-president of Best Buy Canada when its U.S. parent company, Best Buy Co. Inc., bought out Future Shop.

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