Carry On


Whoever first intoned that “getting there is half the fun” never had to plead with a grim-faced flight attendant for the last soggy $5 submarine sandwich. While the democratization of travel with its ever-cheaper fares and ever-smaller seats has successfully shattered any last remnant of bygone mystery and romance, old-world glamour can still be found in one’s choice of luggage. Whether a battered valise, carpet bag, steamer trunk or functional nylon trolley, the right suitcase can serve today’s traveller as a buffer against all manner of modern indignities.

1. Roots Canadian Collection Banff bag in buffalo plaid, $338,
2. Brooks Brothers Peal & Co Trolley Case, $3,500,
3. Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Keepall 50, $1,000,
4. Louis Vuitton Damier Eole 60, $2,270,
5. Swiss Army Werks 3.0 Collection 24-inch Deluxe Expandable
Wheeled Travel Bag, $440,
6. Hermès Faubourg Express, $6,975,
7. Tiffany & Co. patent leather Heart luggage tags, $80,