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Destinationone Consulting

KD Khairah is passionate about people, and their work. His international experience in recruitment has drawn a bigger picture than career matchmaker for his recruitment company, Destinationone. This business is firmly about the people, whether employers, job candidates or Destinationone’s own employees.

Destinationone has created a niche approach to hiring through a specialized recruitment process. Clients work with recruiters experienced in a specific area of employment: for example, an engineer position will be assigned to a recruiter with engineering credentials. Each hiring team includes human resource professionals to combine recruitment expertise with industry knowledge.

One stop with Destinationone can result in one great employment match, or a full team of diversified staff. The Monark Group launched a new venture earlier this year: Kater, a mobile app allowing users to hire a personal driver for their own vehicles and avoid the hassle of driving when other tasks need to get done. Monark Group avoided its own hassles by working with Destinationone to staff Kater’s entire technology team.

Applying industry experience to recruiting teams is of great service to both employers and job seekers. Employers immediately have their hiring needs understood, and can speak in the language of their specific industry. Potential candidates are in good hands, with solid assurance their skills and experience are represented accurately.

Speaking the languages of high tech, accounting, marketing and many specialty industries, sets Destinationone apart by offering boutique-type services for a wider range of clients. The vision is to continue to carve out diversified service areas, and in the process, to create small businesses within the umbrella of Destinationone, led by small but empowered expert teams.

The passion for people is Destinationone’s difference. People working together and helping each other to create their own futures, whether that’s done through building staff teams, launching brilliant careers and directing their own professional growth.