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Heading Back to Work


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Getting back in the office and reclaiming your professional space—as soon as you are ready—is the healthiest choice, says the team at 34F Design

The province is still in a holding pattern when it comes to defining the new normal, says Erica Wickes, principal at 34F Design in Vancouver, but the benefits of coming back to work will be there waiting, when the time is right.

“Going back to the office is a positive, when people feel ready to do so,” Wickes says. “The opportunities for collaboration and engagement, increased productivity and the correct ergonomic workplace solutions are just a few reasons getting back to work is beneficial.”

Of course, technologies like Zoom have saved the day over the past several months, but there is a lot of video-conferencing fatigue happening now.

At the end of the day, Zoom fatigue is probably a symptom of general mental stress and tiredness—something everyone needs to be acutely aware of and pay attention to.

“If we are mentally and physically exhausted, how productive can we be?” Wickes says. “Now that we are getting back to the schedule, executives are finding strength in leadership and collaboration in the office where they are more effective and feel inspired by creating ideas together.” 

Even the daily commute is a chance to be active, get fresh air and some exercise before our workday begins—all benefits for our mental health. Besides that, it is proven that movement throughout an office space—attending meetings, walking to another office to collaborate with a colleague, going out for lunch—far surpasses that of an employee who works from home. And that’s not all.

“There is value in heading out of our homes to a work destination what makes us feel great while keeping a healthy balance between our personal lives and work lives,” Wickes says. “It is healthy to have a break from home and family—it keeps our relationships healthy.”

As the business environment changes and the new normal unfolds, cautious optimism seems the way forward. “Employers are gradually bringing people back to the office and staging their return in a safe way that welcomes people back to the creative, supportive environment they have been missing,” Wickes says. “Over the coming months ahead, let the experiment continue.”

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