How Obsessed Are British Columbians with their Smartphones?

Unsurprisingly, British Columbians are very attached to their smartphones, but millenials are more likely than boomers to use their devices for transactions

For the second year in a row, mobile agency Iamota and market researchers Insights West have teamed up to survey British Columbians on their smartphone habits. The study of 1,072 B.C. residents was conducted online between April 3 and April10 of this year, and while many of the results are not surprising–young people are more likely to have a smartphone and use it for commercial transactions, in addition to calling and texting–they do provide important insights into how the smartphone revolution is playing out here at home.

“There’s no precedent for any technological device  becoming so prevalent so quickly as smartphones have,” says Steve Mossop, president of Insights West. “Think of how long it took to get TVs, telephones or PVRs up to the level that they are now. Smartphones did that and more in a half-dozen years.”

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