How Ucluelet is Remaking itself – Slideshow

Ucluelet is on Canada’s furthest western edge. Photo by Nik West

Seaside living in style.Photo by Nik West

Terrace Beach Resort is one of Ucluelet’s new, hip developments.Photo by Nik West

Marine Drive, another hip, new development in Ucluelet.Photo by Nik West

Million-dollar homes are sprouting on the rain-soaked coast where logging camps and fishing villages were once the norm.Photo by Nik West

Tourist conveniences are springing up to cater for every tourist need. These include clothing stores…Photo by Nik West

…restaurants to tempt the tourist taste buds…Photo by Nik West

…high speed internet…Photo by Nik West

…and bike, board and kite rentals.Photo by Nik West

Another million-dollar luxury home.

Whale-watching inflatables, sport-fishing boats and kayaks are replacing fishing boats at Ucluclet’s quiet harbours.Photo by Nik West

Kayakers get a spectacular view of the Ucluelet harbour. Photo by Nik West

Quiet spot with a spectacular view.Photo by Nik West

Once valued as an industrial commodity, West Coast rain forests now make money as luxury backdrops for rich homeowners.Photo by Nik West

Surfer on Ucluelet beach.Photo by Nik West

Long derided as Tofino’s dumpy stepsister, Ucluelet is remaking itself as a model community on canada’s furthest western edge. The only question is whether any but the fabulously wealthy will be able to afford to visit. All photos/images by Nik West Related story: Shifting Tides by Richard Littlemore